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Letters to Santa

Have you mailed your letter to Santa yet? Skyler Kleyn, age 5, mailed her letter to Santa here at the Post this week. Her letter is just one of many the Post has received. You can find her letter, along with many others, below. We will print them each week (as space allows) until Christmas.

To Santa,


Thank you for being in the parade. 

Love, Skyler Kleyn

To Santa,

I want play durt bike for Christmas.

From Desmin DeVore

Dear Santa,

I would like lots of cars and trucks. I just turned 2 yesterday. I’ve been a good boy.

From Lincoln Sellman

To: Santa

From: Emma

age: 5

I want for


is a remote

control car, 

Star War hot 

wheel, memory

game, play doh

To Santa,


Bearinstine Bears.


A Pichr of you.

From Cassidy, age 7

To Santa,

I been a good boy. I am go to leave milk and cookies.

Love, Jaydon, age 7

To: Santa

From: Lane Bouis

I whant Lego

Motor Cycle

<3 Lane

To: Santa

From: GRAcey

age: 6

I will leAve milk and cookies

My favorite 

reindeer is 


To Santa and Mrs. Claus,

Dear Santa,

Your very nice although I may be on your naughty list im sorry for being naughty but I deepley understand if I am on your naughty list. Santa your very nice your amazing making miracles that almost no one else in this world can make that’s very cool the north pole is very far and coming here is appreciated from me. 

The List: 

A lot of shopkins

new room decorations

new Jordans

A trip to the Mall with Friends 

new clothes

A new phone (IPhone 7) or (any IPhone about 5C) 

A elf on the shelf

Food to end world hunger

no child abuse 

a lot of wrestling equptment or gymnastic equmptmint.

From Marisa Ramos, age 12

To: Santa

From: Nehemiah

age: 10

2 decks of Pokemon cards

1 PS4

2 controlls

20 games

one big TV

Remote contrell toys

toy boxs



one house

To: SantA

From: JAXon

age: 7

I wot A 6x




To: Santa

From: Trevor

age: 7 yrs

I Want a Crome book, 

Legos, a cntaner to put Legos in.

Love, Trevor

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a Minecraft Lego set! Thank you for giving everyone presents on Cristmas!

From Joey, age 11

To Santa,

I would like remote control monster truck and a robot, the movie Cars 3, fishing gear, and Dr. Seuss books.

Love Ayden, age 5

Dear Santa:

From: Emma


PLAy roBoT

New TaBlet

New Coat

Play Joker

Batman Characters

Jordan Sellman

To Santa,

Gavin’s Christmas list

Super Mario oddesey

Poken tornement DX

Mario Kark 8 deluxe


Pokemo ulra sun or ultra moon

Pokemon big box (TLG) (Tradeing Card Game)

Figet cube





Hot wheels

VR headset

Rubix cube

From Gavin Hutton

To Santa,

I wot 


Hot Wheels



Yeti in my spaghetti

Royal Salon

Nail Designs

Real cooking vdeo 

Sale sew cool

World Vacation Jet

From Zoe 

To: Santa

From: Tanner

age: 15 months

Dear Santa this year I want lots of toys! I like balls and things that I can push around the house. I love things that light up. My mom is helping me write this since I’m kinda little so don’t forget about her. 




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