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Reader disappointed in story choice


I was present at the last Cedar Springs School board meeting. I am so sorry, sad, and disappointed that the Cedar Springs Post chose to focus on one negative slanted viewpoint from the vocal minority at the latest meeting. It seems to be a pattern with the Post.

Some delightful first graders who were directed by their wonderful teacher sang and folk-danced. The robotics team with their robot was spectacular! The staff that presented the new Orange Frog program based on happiness were excited and proud to further this program at Cedar Springs Schools.

There are so many positive happenings that are being overlooked by the Post. It would be so good to hear about these instead of rehashing old agendas.

I look forward to seeing the positive changes continuing for CSPS.

Lynne Zank, Nelson Township

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One Response to “Reader disappointed in story choice”

  1. Tami Elliston says:

    I too was at the last board of education meeting. I admire your dedication to family in supporting the position of a relative on the board, however there are a few statements you made that I don’t believe are accurate. One only needs to look through recent issues of the Post to see several articles about our students’ accomplishments. One article in the last 7 months bringing awareness to our community that our teachers are STILL working under fear and intimidation does not constitute a pattern. I would also argue that the ‘slanted viewpoint from the vocal minority’ is not accurate. The board meeting I attended was standing room only, and ended with a standing ovation from an overwhelming majority when Trustee Sabinas filed a formal complaint against Dr. VanDuyn. The Cedar Springs Post has a responsibility to this community to report ALL news, even if it’s something you don’t want to see. I don’t want to see our teachers publicly beg for help from the board of education month after month for over two years, yet here we are and it is STILL happening. So while we ALL would like to see news full of sunshine and rainbows, it’s difficult to admire the drapes when the house is on fire.


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