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School Board election important for district


For a little over a year now I have been attending school board meetings, and have attended all but a few (when we were out of state and when my daughter was sick and needed me home). I have volunteered in the District Strategic Planning process and I volunteer as a member of the District School Improvement Team. I volunteered and was able to attend Responsive Classroom training with some of the district support staff last year. And I have volunteered in classrooms in the district 1-3 times per week for the past nine years. It has not been easy to do these things; it certainly takes commitment. Life is busy for everyone, but these things are something that my husband and I feel strongly about and know how important they are for our children’s educations. It has taken sacrifice on our part, lots of planning, scheduling, and asking grandparents for help with the kiddos. But it is all worth it because we have become involved, educated, and aware community members. We know the things happening in our district and the progress being made because we have witnessed it firsthand. We attend meetings, we ask questions, we schedule meetings with school staff; we are involved stakeholders of CSPS.

The November 8th school board election is very important for our school district, our students, our staff, the parents, and the community as a whole. I have taken the time, done the research, made my decision. I know my votes will go to Joe Marckini and Heidi Reed because I know without a doubt in my mind they will serve on the school board with the priority of putting kids first.

As a mom and an involved, educated community member I ask: Please vote Marckini and Reed on November 8.

Jennifer Skelonc, Nelson Township

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