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Candidate possesses wisdom and leadership


I am writing this letter in support of someone who has impacted my life immensely, and whom I hope can be given the chance to do the same for the community that I grew up in.

Ted Sabinas is full of endless positive attributes, but wisdom, and the leadership that is derived from that wisdom are two prominent ones. I had the honor of being an athlete under his coaching, which was both a privilege and a life-altering experience. I attribute many of my foundational skills, both on and off the track, to his guidance, advice, and care.

Specifically, I’ll always remember one particular time during my sophomore year of High School. We were sitting on the tailgate of his truck while the team finished their cool-down, and I had an injury that had kept me out of running for months. He told me that it’s during the hardest times that the strongest athletes and people are made, and I believed him. I believed him because he never gave me a reason to not put 100 percent of my trust in him.

He was the kind of coach who showed up and genuinely cared for the people he was around, and I know he is the same way in any role he possesses.

Coach Sabinas re-measured our cross country course way too many times because he is the most honest person you’ll find.

He encourages the youth because it’s in his nature to teach, to teach others something more than just measurable skills.

He pours out a sense of love and pride for two things: his family and his community.

It would be an honor for Cedar Springs to have someone like this lead us in molding a community full of strength, wisdom, and love for one another.

The future of our wonderful town can be, in part, in the hands of someone who will handle it with the greatest care. What a wonderful chance that is for us.

Kenzie Weiler, Nelson Township

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