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No longer a welcoming community?

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I am truly saddened and disheartened by the actions of some of our community members. The way that some behave and tear others down is just wrong.  I remember when my kiddos were at Cedar Trails they use to sing a song about welcoming people to Cedar Springs and how people with all different backgrounds were welcome here. I wish our community would follow in the footsteps of that song.

How horrible it is that someone comes to our town looking to put down roots, but before they’re even able to get a toe in the water there are people trying to push them out. Constantly being criticized for doing the job they were hired to do. The way our superintendent has been treated makes me sick. How would you feel if you put your all into something you believed in, working tirelessly and accomplished amazing things, bringing our district many, many positive changes and programs that it had been in desperate need of, but yet, you constantly had to be on guard and defend yourself because some people want you gone? The same people who were upset you got the job in the first place. Now they’re not only attacking you, they’re attacking your husband; a man who spends countless hours volunteering for the school and Red Flannel. I’ve heard it said that people don’t know how it is possible that he’s now the Red Flannel President. I can only imagine it’s because of the countless volunteer hours he’s put in for the festival and he’s earned his place.

It really makes me sad that we live in a place that does not give people a chance and does not accept everyone as equals. I can’t even begin to list all the positive things that have happened in our district in the past two years, things that directly affect our kids. I pray people take a step back and think of how they’re treating others and the message it’s sending to all of our kids. It is high time we let the past be the past and move forward together in the positive direction the district is now heading.

Jennifer Skelonc, Nelson Township

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2 Responses to “No longer a welcoming community?”

  1. Heather Grey says:

    It is my understanding that not only does the Superintendent nor her direct staff not live in “Our Community” (They live in Rockford) but Dr. VanDuyn’s children attend *[a school outside of our community]. Dr. VanDuyn has done nothing but divide OUR community since she arrived.
    *Editor’s note: edited comment due to privacy concerns.

  2. Becky Mallory says:

    A divide between those who want to defend the actions of friends/relatives and those willing to acknowledge past mistakes and move forward with the new administration. If by divide our community you mean Dr. Van Duyn put an end to the colossal disregard for policy and procedure, stopped the rampant nepotism and cronyism, made sure employees were actually qualified for their positions, holding people accountable for their actions and most importantly, she brought forth transparency and restored fiscal responsibility. Then yes she has.




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