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Were 70-80 students expelled from high school?

By Judy Reed

The rumor mill on social media and between students was in high gear this last week, with a tale of drug dogs, locker checks, and 70-80 students being expelled for having marijuana brownies at Cedar Springs High School.

The problem is that the rumor was not true, according to both police and the high school. As with many rumors, there was a grain of truth, but the details were greatly exaggerated.

According to Sgt. Jason Kelley, with the Kent County Sheriff Department’s Cedar Springs Unit, they were called to the high school on March 16 to investigate the possible sale of brownies made with marijuana butter. The school had already begun the investigation, and identified the possible juvenile involved. The investigating deputy continued the investigation and spoke with three juveniles, who admitted to making and consuming the brownies. It was discovered that one brownie had been sold to another student at school, and one brownie had been sold on a school bus. “No brownies or marijuana were located at the school,” reported Sgt. Kelley, who said they did not search any lockers or bring the dogs.

According to Anne Kostus, Academic Support Services Director at the High School, they do searches in the high school periodically, but didn’t this time. “The incident was reported by students,” she explained. She verified that three students brought the marijuana brownies to school and distributed it.

Three of the students are being disciplined for distribution, and two of the three for possession,” she said. “We are following our board adopted policies for discipline. We have high standards, and they need to be held accountable,” she explained.

Kostus noted that the students were honest about what happened. “These are good kids who made a bad choice,” she said. “I hope people treat them with compassion.”

She added that this kind of thing doesn’t happen often. “We rarely have this problem,” she said.

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One Response to “Were 70-80 students expelled from high school?”

  1. Brenda H. says:

    The school could avoid this problem if they would send home a letter or email to the parents outlining what happened-without student names of course. Also, maybe they should have a staff meeting because at least two teachers talked about this incident in class and told the kids that over 70 kids were involved. Did they also tell the post about the ongoing threats against the student who reported the brownie incident? My understanding is that there were more suspensions due to the threats.

    With all of the problems within the school district-which still have not really been cleared up-I would think keeping the parents informed would be a priority.


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