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Board urged to seek out the truth


A letter read to the Cedar Springs School Board on March 14 during the second public comment section of the meeting. 

Thank you, Mrs. Bayink, for “Speaking” and requesting the board discuss several issues at hand during the next board meeting. I believe I saw a head-nod of support to Mrs. Bayink’s request from Mr. Shoffner. Thank you both for being a voice of acknowledgment.

The Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) specifically notes under their publication titled “Characteristics of an  Effective Board Member” that they show “the willingness to express one’s own opinion and participate in discussions openly and honestly while encouraging and respecting the free expression of opinion by colleagues. “

Under the MASB’s publication titled School Board Members Job Description, the header and two of the six items read, “In addition to duties enumerated in the Michigan School Code, good governance imposes the following responsibilities on the board: 2. The board connects with the community; 6. The board takes responsibility for itself.

The educators and community members who are happy with the current procedures, decisions, and trends are certainly entitled to their opinions and should be treated respectfully. But don’t those that have questions and concerns also deserve to be equally heard, considered, and respected?

Mr. Sabinas read a section of the MASB “Your Local School Board” under “How do School Boards Make Decisions.” It reads, “When making decisions, school boards seek the advice and counsel of the district’s administrators, teachers and other employees, as well as input from the community and specialists with knowledge about the topic under consideration.”

Are you willing to follow the MASB’s recommendations?

How is your current strategy of “no response” working?

Do you feel you have provided more transparency and gained a level of trust over the last few months?

What does the continued increase in attendance (standing room only) at board meetings mean to you?

Do you trust, believe, and value the educators who you have known and have served our district for 10, 20, and 30 years when they tell you they are concerned?

While the projected deficit budget presented tonight looks bad…have you considered what it might look like with a significant exit of students from our district next year?

Please allow yourselves to opening and honestly discuss the questions and issues brought before you at the next workshop meeting.

Please follow the MASB’s recommended practices of seeking out the truth.

I believe the Open Meetings Act and School Policies do give you the right and I hope you believe there is a need to discuss the issues before you and most importantly look for collaborative solutions. Thank you very much.

Susan Wolfe, CSPS District 

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3 Responses to “Board urged to seek out the truth”

  1. Moving On says:

    People who live in the past generally are afraid to compete in the present. I’ve got my faults, but living in the past is not one of them. There’s no future in it. Sparky Anderson

    All I see is one side l looking in the past and one side looking towards the future. I know it is hard, but with the deepest parts of my heart let’s move on. The administration who is no longer with us are great people and no one is arguing that fact. There is no way to go back now. We have so many great,new opportunities infront of us. Please, I beg of you become leaders and look forward to all the new opportunities we have.

  2. Shady Business says:

    Moving on:

    You are completely missing the point. Five long term educators do not just walk away from their careers in a short time period. Four of the 5 have students in our district. How can we possibly look to the future when there is clearly something very wrong with the present? There is something very shady going on, and there are dated documents that support it. If the sheeple want to hop on board, have at it. I, however, will not support leaders who are blatantly deceptive.

  3. The Wolf says:

    I am for the teachers and the students. I just want to move on.

    The thing is why they are not speaking up and telling the “Truth” and just spreading rumors.

    This is silly, What are in these “documents”? I can tell the community about some things about your beloved administrators/principles/board members that will make your face turn red. Keep moving forward with this and more will come out.

    I am just telling the facts about our administrators. That they admitted/prosecuted for that the community is most likely unaware of. Nothing is getting threw to you so maybe this will. Please Stop and grow up. Be leaders and LEAD. We all have a closet and the question is do you want to clean it out? Let this fade into the dark and move forward.

    The Wolf


Ray Winnie
Intandem Credit Union


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