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City manager was run out town


Thursday night’s council meeting was our City Manager, Thad Taylor’s, last. Mr. Taylor came here three years ago as a very experienced, well-qualified manager who has since received high praise from many citizens, professionals, businesses and developers. He did all he could to move our city forward and was successful in bringing several new businesses to town.

Regrettably, Thad Taylor has been run out of Cedar Springs! He was blindsided by a group of people who made his job unendurable. These people now sit on our Council advancing their own personal agendas over the interests of the community as a whole. They are catering to special interest groups, spending thousands of dollars that should be spent on our crumbling sidewalks and roads under the guise of “the good of the community.” I found Councilor Powell’s sudden concern for finances, in searching for a new manager, seemingly hypocritical given the fact that she freely encourages council to write blank checks for unbudgeted items benefiting groups she supports and is affiliated with.

Ignoring Thad’s MML recommendation Council Conley urged Council to get opinions from stakeholders on what qualities they wanted in a manager. After some debate, the decision was made to allow the public to have a say. Aren’t we, the taxpayers, the biggest stakeholders after all? On November 19, at 7:00 p.m. there will be a special meeting for the public to express their opinions on what qualities a city manager should possess. I’m hoping integrity and transparency are among those at the top of the list. I also hope this council strives to acquire the same characteristics because, to date, I have sensed a great deal of ignorance of the law along with a failure to listen to those who do understand the gravity of making decisions contrary to it, that being the manager and city attorney.

I support libraries and community buildings but the council’s first responsibility is the health, safety and welfare of its citizens; running the fund balance down is not in our best interest. When Council passes a resolution giving special advantages to groups determined to get their ideas advanced regardless of the consequences and when, as a member of the Planning Commission, I am asked to make a decision “in the spirit of the law,” basically ignoring the law, there is something seriously wrong with the governing unit of this city. If citizens attended meetings or watched council meetings on youtube.com they would better understand the critical nature of business that is going on behind the scenes.

I wish Thad Taylor God’s speed and a professional group of people to work with in Manistee, something he so desperately deserves.  He will be missed.

Kathryn Bremmer, Cedar Springs

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3 Responses to “City manager was run out town”

  1. Charlie Towns says:

    I do not know if you will read this or not, but I wish that you would run for Council again. I fairly certain there are things that we will not agree on but I really respect the fact that you are an honest and sincere person. I still remember when you were on the Council and you had the integrity to go against the grain for what you believed in. I voted for your re election. I know we disagree on some things, but I think we can not go wrong having an honest person like you put your hat in the ring for a seat. Not trying to smear anyone on the council now, just saying I respect your honesty and integrity. Charlie Towns

  2. William Wheeler says:

    Thad was the most qualified person to have that job in our history. His great knowledge and wisdom will be as missed as it was ignored by our elected officials.

    If this council does the right thing, they will use the MML for a search. If they want to continue with the special interest agenda you will see them ignore the numerous citizens that want them to use the MML.

    Our city is on the path to spending money we don’t have and will go broke soon if they continue.

    We all want our city better but we ALL want input. Not just special interest groups.

  3. gil empie says:

    i agree with you charlie


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