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The Lesson Congress should learn from the VA scandal

By Lee H. Hamilton

V-Lee-Hamilton-webLike other federal scandals before it, the mess involving VA hospitals has followed a well-trod path. First comes the revelation of misdoing. Then comes the reaction: a shocked public, an administration on the defensive, and grandstanding members of Congress. Finally, major reform bills get introduced, debated, and then put aside when the heat dies down, or the target agency gets more money thrown at the problem.

With the VA, we’re at the reform part of the cycle. In its rush to address public outrage, Congress is proposing dramatic changes that could have benefited from more thorough consideration.

The irony is that this need not have happened—not with the VA, nor with the IRS, or FEMA, or any of the other cases in recent years where the federal bureaucracy proved to be dysfunctional and Congress rushed in with a half-baked fix. Mostly what is needed is for Congress to do its job properly in the first place.

This means exercising its oversight responsibilities and catching problems before they mushroom. Diligent oversight can repair unresponsive bureaucracies, expose misconduct, and help agencies and departments become more effective.

To do this, Congress first needs to know what’s happening. Performance, budget, personnel, management challenges, major and minor problems: members of Congress ought to be experts on all of this. Understanding the facts, working cooperatively with the federal agency, and anticipating problems is a far more useful approach than Congress’s usual pattern of throwing up its hands at a scandal and blaming everyone else for the problem.

Congress must also get serious about reforming the federal bureaucracy. Federal employees deserve to feel they’re being listened to, respected, and treated fairly, but management also must have flexibility to hire and fire, and to handle personnel problems constructively.

If Congress wants federal agencies to work better, it has to work tirelessly to understand problems and help repair them. It cannot eliminate politics from this oversight process, but politics should not drive the whole oversight enterprise.

The point is that many failures of the federal bureaucracy can be avoided with robust congressional oversight. It’s a crucial part of improving the performance of government, and Congress has a duty to get ahead of problems, not lag constantly behind. Unless it’s willing to accept its responsibility for diligent oversight, the next scandal is only a matter of time.

Lee Hamilton is Director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 34 years.



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Eight ways to get the most out of your trip to the farmers market

Young woman at the market(BPT) – This time of year is about warm weather, vacations and relaxing afternoons. It also heralds the return of farmers markets. A trip to the market is a great opportunity to indulge in fresh healthy produce and to expand your horizons by trying new items or preparing them in different ways.

Here are eight tips to make the most of your visit to the local farmers market:

* Note the hours and dates of your local market on your calendar. Set reminders on your smartphone that will alert you when favorite items such as tomatoes, peas, beans and strawberries come into season.

* Prepare your refrigerator and kitchen for the season’s harvest. Clean out your fridge’s produce drawer, and stock up on items that complement fresh produce, such as salad dressings and seasonings that can be used to turn basic veggies into delicious meals.

* While farmers market vendors will almost certainly have plastic bags on hand, take your own reusable bags or baskets to carry your purchase – they’re better for Mother Nature. If you’ll be buying perishable items, consider packing a cooler as well. Remember to place heavier items (like melons) on the bottom of the bag and lighter ones (such as berries) on top.

* You’ll find the freshest produce and best selection early in the day. Setting your alarm to wake you a bit early could ensure you get the pick of the day’s produce.

* Leave the $20 and $50 bills at home. Smaller bills will provide you with greater buying flexibility, and vendors will appreciate the change.

* Scope out the entire market before you begin making purchases. Certain popular items, such as tomatoes, cantaloupe, melons, peas and potatoes will be available from multiple vendors. Strolling through the market first will allow you to compare prices and taste samples to ensure you’re picking the best and most delicious buys for your family.

* Unpack bags as soon as you’re home and store each item appropriately. Create a menu plan for the week that incorporates everything you’ve purchased to help ensure nothing goes to waste. Don’t forget to incorporate snacks into your meal plan.

* Every week, try something new. By all means, enjoy your familiar favorites, but also add in new items like kohlrabi, chard or broccolini. Not sure how to prepare something new? Seasonings are a great way to add flavor without fat. Spice-filled marinades or rubs are a perfect complement to produce. Throw your veggies on the grill to bring out the freshness. On its website, www.simplyorganic.com, Simply Organic offers numerous flavorful fresh produce recipes.

Here’s a tasty recipe to try on your grill today:

Adobo Grilled Asparagus

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 8 to 10 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

Servings: 4 to 6



Use organic ingredients where possible.

2 ounces slivered almonds

1 bunch asparagus, trimmed

1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil

1 1/2 teaspoons Simply Organic adobo seasoning

1/2 teaspoon Simply Organic paprika


In a dry 8-inch skillet, toast the almonds, stirring often, until fragrant and lightly golden, about five to eight minutes. Remove and pour the almonds into a small bowl and set off to the side. In a shallow dish, toss the asparagus with the olive oil, adobo seasoning and paprika. Preheat your grill. Real wood charcoal tastes best, but gas works fine. Avoid briquettes; they make food taste like lighter fluid. Aim for medium-high heat. If your grill lid has a thermometer built into the lid, it should read about 375 degrees. Once hot, lay the asparagus perpendicular to your grill grates and cook for eight to 10 minutes, turning once until fork tender yet still firm. Serve on a platter topped with toasted almond slivers.


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Fresh Market

By Vicky Babcock

Maple’s Sticky Gold

On a hot morning in July 2012, Michel Gauvreau, an accountant with Veragrimar, arrived to inventory a warehouse full of maple syrup owned by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. The building, located in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, held around 16,000 barrels of syrup, stacked six high and hundreds deep. Each full barrel weighed 650 pounds—a value of $1,800, nearly 13 times the price of crude oil. This particular warehouse held about 1/10th of Quebec’s annual production, a vast sea of the nation’s “sticky gold.” It was not a setting for drama, yet unbeknownst to the principal players, the scene had already been set.

BLOOM-maple syrup tooMichel was scaling the barrels when he nearly fell as a barrel shifted beneath his weight. Catching his balance, he rocked the barrel. Empty. The first of many.  Gauvreau notified the Federation, who arrived to investigate. Upon opening a barrel, they found not a brown, goopy liquid redolent with the wintry scent of vanilla, caramel and childhood; it was thin, clear, and odorless. It was water.

Sixty percent—six million pounds—of syrup had vanished, about $18 million dollars, wholesale. The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist was a blow to Canada, which makes approximately 80 percent of the world’s production. It would be months before the Federation would have any answers. To siphon off and transport that amount of syrup alone would have required more than 100 tractor trailers.*

Canada prides itself on its maple syrup and its maples, and the maple leaf is an icon featured on their coins, military uniforms and their country’s flag. Ten species of maple are native to Canada and markets there produce maple sugar, maple butter, maple pork rub, maple vinaigrette, maple coffee, maple tea and yes, maple perfume.

On a smaller scale here in Michigan we have our own maple industry and it’s Pure Michigan! According to the Michigan Maple Syrup Association, our state ranks fifth in maple syrup production in the country with an average production of about 90,000 gallons per year. Maple sap collection usually begins in February and runs about six weeks, although in the U.P. it can run well into April. Temperatures play a part in the production, as the tree needs a combination of warm days and freezing nights for the sap to run. Timing is also important, as the sugar content is highest in late winter to early spring. When the trees come into bud, the sap is unpalatable. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

Native Americans introduced European settlers to the practice of collecting and reducing the sap, although the settlers refined the process. Its discovery is uncertain; however, popular lore speaks of an Indian chief who carelessly embedded his hatchet into the trunk of a maple tree. The tree yielded its sap, which was collected by the chief’s squaw and used to cook their meal. This pleased the chief and so began our love affair with maple syrup, most often used today to enhance the flavor of our pancakes and waffles.

Unlike sugar, maple syrup contains an abundant amount of naturally occurring minerals, including calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium. It is also a source of antioxidants, which have been shown to aid the immune system, lower blood pressure and slow the effects of aging.

Michigan made maple syrup can be found in farmers markets throughout the State from June through August—or until the last pint is gone. Better hurry though, the Michigan Maple Syrup Association tells us that maple syrup is one of the few Michigan crops where demand exceeds supply!

*For more on this story, Google “The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist,” by Brendan Borrell. Much of the information in this article was gleaned from this source.

Fresh Market is brought to you by Solon Market located at 15185 Algoma Avenue.  For more information call 616-696-1718.  Like us on facebook for updates.


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Celebrating Summer Fun!

2014 4th of July Celebration

“Celebrating Summer Fun”

Thursday July 3, 2014 thru Sunday July 6, 2014


Kent District Library Book Sale & Bake Sale

  • Wednesday, July 2nd Noon – 8:00pm
  • Thursday, July 3rd 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Saturday, July 5th 10:00am – 3:00pm (Book Sale Only)

Museum Open each Day (Thurs. thru Sun.) – Noon ‘till 2:00pm

Rodeo Presented by B & L Plumbing – Thursday – 7:00pm

Demolition Derby  by Unique Motor Sports – Friday Night @ 6:00pm

13th Annual Sand Lake Mud Run by West Michigan Mud Runs – Saturday – 4:00pm

Classic Car Show – Sunday from 9:00am to 2:00pm

Grand Parade on the 4th – Starts at 1:30pm

Fireworks Around 10:30pm

Music – each Night Thursday thru Saturday

Thursday, July 3rd

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Sand Lake Library Book Sale & Bake Sale

3:00 p.m.  Midway Opens – Wade Shows

5:00 p.m. Hot Dog Eating Contest – For Adults – $10 Entry Fee

Noon-2:00 p.m. Museum Open

7:00 p.m. Rodeo

8:00 p.m.-Midnight Music: LUKE GALLOWAY

Friday, July 4th

11:00 am Grand Parade Registration

Noon Crowning of the 2014 Miss Sand Lake

Noon-2:00 pm Museum Open

1:00 pm Midway Opens – Wade Shows

3:00 pm Gates Open for Demolition Derby

1:30 pm Grand Parade Starts

3:00 pm Late Registration for Bed Races

3:30 pm Bed Races

6:00 pm Demolition Derby

7:00-11:00 pm Music: CROSS CREEK

Fireworks at 10:30 pm

Saturday, July 5th

10:00 am – 3:00 pm Sand Lake Library Book Sale

Noon Gates Open For Mud Run


Local Vendors will have crafts, farm fresh goodies and demonstrations to delight the whole family. Lake Street

Sunday, July 6th

1:00 Midway Opens – Wade Shows , Rides & Attractions

Noon-2:00pm Museum Open

4:00pm 13th Annual Sand Lake Mud Run

8:00 pm-Mindnight Music: BORDERLINE

8:00 am Registration for Classic Car Show

8:30-11:00 am Pancake Breakfast at VFW

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Classic Car Show

Noon – 2:00 pm Museum Opens

1:00 pm Mini Rod Tractor Pull – Poor Man Pullers



The sale of knives with blades more than 3” long is not permitted

No airsoft guns allowed at carnival or events

No dogs allowed

program and event updates at www.sandlakechamberofcommerce.com






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Keeping your eyes (and tires) on the road

(BPT) – Have you ever thought about all of the distractions associated with driving? Weather, kids, pets, eating, cell phones, billboards, the radio and even a friend riding shotgun all compete for the driver’s ever-shrinking attention span.

Keep eyes and tires on roadSome distractions like cell phone usage—whether talking or texting—pose a greater risk than others in keeping the road a safe place. At any given time, more than 600,000 people in the U.S. are using their phone or other electronic device while driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency. If that’s not scary enough, a study by the University of Utah reports the impairments associated with cell phone usage are similar to intoxicated drivers. In short, distracted drivers, much like drunk drivers, are more likely to drive aggressively, tailgate, hit the brakes harder, have slower reactions and cause accidents. Now more than ever, defensive driving has become critically important.

“One way to battle distracted driving is to be extra attentive to what’s around you as a driver,” says Andrew Briggs, director of marketing and product planning for Yokohama Tire Corporation, maker of a variety of truck and car tires. “Pay attention to what’s in front of you, behind you and to your sides. Keep enough distance between you and the other vehicles. Try to anticipate the action of the other drivers. These defensive driving techniques are already familiar to many of us, but practicing them in our daily driving, especially these days, can help determine whether one will be in an accident or avoid one.”

The ability to stop quickly or change lanes is another essential technique and that’s where your tires can play an important role. “Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that grips the road,” says Briggs. “The first line of defense, even before you get on the road, is to make sure that your tires are properly maintained. You always want to make certain your tires have enough tread depth to ensure ample traction.”

Checking your tires’ tread depth is easy, Briggs says. “Tires should be replaced when the tread is worn down to 2/32 of an inch to help prevent skidding and hydroplaning. Simply place a penny upside down into a tread groove. If part of Lincoln’s head is covered by the tread, you’re driving with at least that 2/32 of an inch that is a minimum amount of tread required. If you can see all of his head, you should buy new tires.”

Briggs offers more tips that will keep your tires road-ready:

* When the tires are cold (at least four hours after the vehicle has been driven), check tire pressure with a reliable tire gauge. Be sure the valve stems have a plastic or metal cap to keep dirt out and a seal against water and foreign objects. The tires’ proper inflation level, as recommended by the car maker, can be found on a placard in the glove box, on the car door or in the owner’s manual.

* Check tire alignment once a year. Misaligned tires create unnecessary tire wear and lower mileage.

* Rotating your tires will prevent uneven wear and promote a better ride. Because the weight distribution on your car or truck can vary, it’s best to rotate your tires a few times a year, like every time you get your oil changed.

* Balancing act: Tires that are balanced correctly will give you a smoother ride and help prevent improper wear. You can get your tires balanced at the same time as your regularly-scheduled rotation.

For additional tire care and safety tips, visit www.yokohamatire.com or www.rma.org .






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Running on empty: How far can you really go?

driving on empty(BPT) – Whether intentional or purely circumstantial, it’s likely that most experienced drivers have seen the low-fuel light illuminate their vehicle’s dashboard at least once. For some drivers, the fuel light is a source of anxiety as they search for the closest gas station. For others, it can be a bragging right, proudly boasting how far they push their gas tanks to the limit.

It’s no secret that an automobile can continue to run after the fuel light comes on, but should drivers rely on the extra mileage it allows?

It’s likely most drivers would agree that the fuel light often comes on at inopportune times. Stuck in traffic on a freeway; running late for an important appointment; or driving on a country road with no towns or gas stations in sight, is when drivers decide to push the fuel gauge past the ‘E’ signal.

Some popular car models can make it between 30 and 50 miles after the fuel light goes on, according to a study by Pick Analysis. The average Chevrolet Silverado will continue for about 33 miles beyond empty. Smaller cars like the Volkswagen Jetta average about 43 miles and the Toyota Corolla tops the list at 47 miles.

Knowing how far a vehicle can drive with low fuel may be reassuring, but the effects of low-fuel driving can be damaging to the car.

“When you’re running low on gas, it’s best not to push your luck,” says Neil Hoff, a refined fuels specialist with CHS, which supplies more than 1,400 Cenex branded gas stations. “Stopping to fill up before your gas gauge hits ‘E’ could save you stress, damage to your car and time spent on the side of the road.”

Hoff explains that by allowing a car to run on empty, dirt and contaminants are more likely to become suspended in the fuel and block the fuel filter. When fuel is extremely low, the fuel pump is no longer suspended in fuel and can overheat. In some cases, low fuel can even affect power steering and brakes.

To avoid an expensive trip to a mechanic, Hoff advises taking a proactive approach to fueling, advising drivers to always keep at least a quarter tank of gas in the tank at all times. Running out of gas in heavy traffic is not only inconvenient but also dangerous, so Hoff recommends fueling up before getting on highways or major roads. Also, becoming familiar with where gas stations are along a driving route will also help prevent running out of gas on long trips. Always keep a gas can in the trunk in case of emergencies.

“Keeping your car fueled is cheaper and safer, in the long run, than driving on empty,” Hoff says.

For more helpful automotive information, visit www.cenex.com.





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Two new state records highlight great Michigan fishing

The Department of Natural Resources confirmed two new state-record fish last week for brown bullhead and black buffalo.

The state record for brown bullhead was beat by a fish caught by Jared Gusler, of Fairview, in Alcona Pond, in Alcona County, on Sunday, May 25, at 2 a.m. Gusler was bowfishing. The fish weighed 3.77 pounds and measured 17.5 inches.

This brown bullhead set a new state record.

This brown bullhead set a new state record.

The record was verified by Kyle Krueger, a DNR fisheries biologist in Mio. The previous state-record brown bullhead was caught by Michael Kemp, of Lansing,on Coldbrook Lake, in Kalamazoo County, on Sept. 2, 1989. That fish weighed 3.10 pounds and measured 17.5 inches.

Joshua Teunis holds the black buffalo he caught that set a new record.

Joshua Teunis holds the black buffalo he caught that set a new record.

The state record for black buffalo was beat by a fish caught by Joshua Teunis, of Grand Haven, in Bear Lake, in Muskegon County, on Sunday, June 15, at 1:45 a.m. Teunis was also bowfishing. The fish weighed 41.25 pounds and measured 38.25 inches.

The record was verified by Rich O’Neal, a DNR fisheries biologist in Muskegon.

The previous state-record black buffalo was caught by Bryan Degoede of Kalamazoo on the Kalamazoo River in Allegan County on Sept. 5, 2012. That fish weighed 37.06 pounds and measured 39.25 inches.

State records are recognized by weight only. To qualify for a state record, fish must exceed the current listed state record weight and identification must be verified by a DNR fisheries biologist.

“We’ve had 12 of Michigan’s 56 state-record fish beat in the past 10 years, which just goes to show you how outstanding the state’s fishing is right now,” said DNR Fisheries Division Chief Jim Dexter. “Start planning your next fishing trip to your favorite body of water—you just might catch the next state record!”

For more information on fishing in Michigan, visit www.michigan.gov/fishing.

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Ranger Steve’s Nature Niche

By Ranger Steve Mueller

Natural ambiance & disperse parking

Entering natural areas should provide an ambiance for immersion in nature and things wild. From the moment one enters Howard Christensen Nature Center (HCNC), the design maintains a natural experience. The entrance off Red Pine Drive to the Welcome Center leads through the woods to dispersed parking.

Dispersed parking means a large parking area does not exist. Instead many small parking pads hold a few vehicles in several areas along the drive. A large area is mowed and kept open for times when more parking is infrequently needed.

By having dispersed parking, the area appears natural instead of having a large area sterile of life. The small parking pads allow water to filter into soil instead of running off pavement that would increase flooding during spring and wet periods.

Even with 40 vehicles, the area maintains its natural ambiance. A map on the wall at the Welcome Center allows visitors to orient to trails and shows how to reach the Red Pine Interpretive Center through woods. The walk leads passed Tadpole Pond. The design invites people to experience nature niche ambiance instead of being exposed to a human constructed building environment immediately.

The Design With Nature concept keeps HCNC’s focus on nature and the natural world. When one walks the path to the interpretive building, an ambiance of wild beauty entices ones spirit.

Not everyone is able to walk a few hundred feet. A handicap access drive north of the Welcome Center entrance allows people to access the building directly. This also allows for deliveries and staff parking.

We purchased an old farm field and old home north of the interpretive building. It allowed driving access through the north field on a two track to a team building initiatives course in the woods. We needed quick medical access and needed to use the two track for transporting activity materials. The home was removed with intent of using the open yard as a parking area. The fairly close proximity to the interpretive center would not destroy the natural ambiance surrounding the interpretive building.

Development focused on Design With Nature. When we constructed the Research Field Station facility off 20 Mile Road in 2002, we kept the parking a couple hundred feet from the building to maintain a sense of wildness and natural ambiance for people as they approached the building. The handicap access and delivery drive meandered through the woods avoiding a straight through view that would degrade the natural appearance.

Your yard can be designed with nature. We have been working with that goal at our Ody Brook home for 35 years. Recently a visitor told me a visit to Ody Brook is like going to a national park. That was a nice compliment indicating successful design with nature. A few acres can be a wonderful natural haven for wildlife, plants, and people. Even a small city lot can be designed with nature for a natural ambiance. Try it.

Natural history questions or topic suggestions can be directed to Ranger Steve (Mueller) at odybrook@chartermi.net Ody Brook, 13010 Northland Dr, Cedar Springs, MI 49319-8433.  


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Catch of the Week

OUT-Catch-Rose1-sunfish-webOUT-Catch-Rose2-bass-webIsaac Rose, age 4, son of Jackie and Eugene Rose, of Tyrone Township, caught his first sunfish measuring 7-3/4 inches, in Myers Lake last month. Ten minutes later he caught a 16-1/2-inch small mouth bass!

Congratulations, Isaac, you made the Post Catch of the Week!

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Cedar area Student Honor Roll

Middle School

7th grade

Adkison Autumn Kaylynn

Alcumbrack Jenna Nicole *

Allen Joshua David

Almas Emily Clarina

Baker Ethan Loy *

Bayink Graham Anthony *

Bekins McCoy William

Berridge Madison Ann

Boomgaard Chloe Dawn

Bouwens Erin Lynn

Bouwkamp Kendall Madison

Brew Anthony Lance

Brown Emily Linn *

Buchner Jenica Rae

Burleson Dakota Thomas

Bylsma AusEn Craig

Caldwell Sabrina Rose *

Cantera Diana A

Cardinal Zackary Robert

Carey Samuel Eugene *

Carpenter Leah Katherine

Cassiday Brandon Jacob

Chase Jacob Alexander

Cherry Taylor Marie

Ciise Cabdulcasiis Maxamed *

Conely Dane Michael

Cook Caleb Robert

Corwin Katia Josephine

Creaser Zachary Taylor *

Crystal Aryis Mae

David Jareak Gregory

Davis Audrie Ann

Deback Maximus Xavier

Demorest Ian Jacob

Douglas Madison Paige

Drake Jonah Michael

Draper Nathaniel Robert

Dreyer Ryan Casey

Eason Thomas Cole

Edwins Brittany Marie *

Egan Derek Ellis

Empie Alexa Jean

Endres Gabrielle Elizabeth

Finch Samantha Lynn

Fitzpatrick Meadow R

Fleming Alexis Delmar

Follett Alexis Paige

Fraam Emma Marie *

Francis Mason Chandler

Frasier Cassandra Antonina *

Galle Evan Samuel

Galloway Sarah Marie *

Garcia Skylar Isabel

Gardner Tayvon Andrew

GeBott Abigail Nicole *

Gibbons Anna Elizabeth

Gonzales Allexis Lluvia

Gott Cody John

Griffard Madison Grace

Grove Katelyn Marie *

Hall Dakotah William

Hamilton Natalie Marie

Hammerstrom Julia Marie

Hansen Karrigan ChrisEne

Harmon Luke Christopher

Hause Jared Richard *

Hendges Anthony Mitchell

Hernandez Carina Lizbett

Hess Sierra Elain

Hoogerhyde JarreL Stephen

Hovanec Hannah Claire

Hughes Melody

Hull Logan Lawrence

Huntoon Macie Lea *

Huntoon Maddi Ann *

Hutchinson Samuel Joseph

Irwin Madison Lynn

Jackson Julia Mae

Jackson Tyler Dean

Jones Alex Jay

Jones Jessica Lavern

Kady DesEnee Rae

Kennamer Hannah Mae

Kerr Zachery Allen

Kibby Austin

King Reganne Elizabeth

Kirkwood Alexander Kenneth

Knauf Wyatt Gregory

Kobayashi Logan James

Kolenda Joel Jonathon

Lange Cayla Lisa *

Larsen Mae Grace

Lemery MaKeelie Elise *

Levandowski Katie Lyn *

Lewis Frank Mikayla

Lewis Julian James

Line Jarrid William

MacDonald Tucker Scott

Magoon Jason Alexander

Majewski Alexis Lee

Male Elayna Nycole

Mangus Jasmine Rose

Mann Heather Rose

Martin Sarah Elizabeth *

Marvel Brayden Kenneth *

Maslin Sylvia Elizabeth

Melson Madison Paige

Menefee Mikala Marie *

Meredith Jacob Alexander

Merlington Carolanne Kaye

Mesler Alivia Elise

Migoski Wyatt William

Miliusis Luke Anthony *

Miller Brighton Corel *

Miller Matthew Steven

Nauta Morgan Elizabeth

Newman Peyton

Noga McKenzie Lynn

Pienta Courtney A

Pienton Lucus David

Pierson Emily Grace

Ploeg Allison Nicole

Pope Colton Joseph

Porter Jenna Cherylyn

Porter Nathan Christopher

Powell III James

Powers Gavin Alexander

Rea-­Grover BriLany Ann

Reed Reide Elizabeth

Reed Thomas Trey

Reed Trevor Holt

Reynolds Tiffany Marie *

Rickard Alura Leann

Rideout Cody Andrew *

Ringler Ryan Paul

Risley Madison Dawn

Rivard Ryllie Rae

Robydek Bailey Rose

Rocafort Bailey Nichole

Rodwell Kaiden Timothy

Roelofs Alyssa Kenyon

Rypma Allison Jennie *

Salinas Tyler Allen

Schoenborn Kayla Anne

Scott Abigail Jean

Scott Brittney Elise *

Secord Gabe Taggert *

Sharp Savannah Kay

Shears Kaylyn Marie

Shevock Malory Marie

Simpson Julia Rae

Slater Megan Nicole

Smith Aaron Kane

Smith Ethan Joseph

Smith Kimberlee Grace

Smith Riley J

Sorensen Alyssa Dawn

Spencer MaLhew Kaden *

Steffes Kendyll ChrisEan

Svalen Carson Charles

Swank Kolby Andrew

Swatzell Devin John

Swinehart Jacob Riley *

Tawney Mackenzie Joy

Thorne Natalie Alexis

Titus Madelyn Rae

Van Dam-­Colvin Breonna

Vanderhoef Nicole Jean *

VanDyke Baylie Darline

VanGessel Abbilyn Rae

VanGorp Danielle Marie

Van’tHof Emily Mae *

VanZyl Sebastian Scott

Veltkamp-­St Amour Tyler

Vinton Hannah Marie *

Von Seggern Jacob

Walker Joshua Michael

Warner Carly Rose

Warner Taylor Rae

Weeks Brooke Mikala

White Allison Catherine *

White Fredrick Charles *

White Justin Michael

Whitney Marissa June

Williams Dylan Anthony *

Wise Ashley Mae

Witters Christian Thomas

Wood IIII Richard

Wood Dawson Lee

Woudwyk Aubrey Elaine

Yaklin Rebecca Ann *

Zarkowski Reece Jordan


8th grade

Amell Parker James

Anderson Reece Lane

Anderson Tanner Clayton

Andres Brooklyn Kae

Arnold Hailey Lynn

Benson Sean Thomas

Beverwyk Heather Marie

Boomgaard Kayleigh Rae

Boomgaard Makayla Renee

Bowers Rachel Jean

Brackett Jase Tyler

Brandt Cecelia Mary *

Briggs Paden Richard

Bullen Jacob Roger

Campione Nicholas Scott

Caron Christina Marie

Carter Anna Marie

Casavant Alexander James

Case Madison Michelle

Childs Nathen Allen

Ciise Mumina Maxamed

Cook Amy Catherine *

Crystal Rachel L

Dahms Jordan Jay

Daniels Hunter James

Darling Mackenna Ryleigh

Dault Grace Margaret

Davis Christopher Charles *

Davis Connor James

Derus Madison Renee

Detloff Ryleigh Nicole

Donahue Alex William

Ellison Isabelle Brianne

Ellison Patrick Michael

Elliston Peyton Leigh

Empie Bryce Daniel

Empie Julia Matilda

Foley Joseph James

Gatrell Madison Rae

Gibbs Hannah June

Gonzales George

Goodson Danielle Rose

Gould Colton Guy

Hager Jesse Edward

Hall Abigail Corrine

Halstead Hayley Sue

Hamilton Joshua David

Hansen Leslie Ann *

Harthorn Jordan Lawrence *

Hawkins Riley Wayne

Heukels Lauryn Marie

Hibbs Nicholas Allen

Hickox Emilee Elizabeth

Hinton Autumn Rae

Holloway Christian James

Hoogerheide Shelby Lyn

Howard Noah Michael

Hudson Lillyanna Lynn

Hughes Antiaisha Nicole

Hunter Kyanna AAliyah *

Hyde Emily Jean

Hyder Carly Jean

Jackson Nikcolas Jermaine

Judis Jessica Marie

Kelley Alisha Rae

Kendall Noah James

Kent Kylee Lauren

King Haley Alissa

Kinzinger Chase Loncar

Kiphart Robert Lawrence

Klco Elijah Whittaker *

Knapp Brooke Loren

Knapp Emily Sena

Knauss Ashleigh Lynn

Kneibel Mikayla Jo

Krajewski Paul James

Kramer Brandon James *

Krupp Annaleigh Renee

Kuiphof Kaitlyn Marie

Kukla Nicole Elizabeth

Kuzma Leah Joy

Larsen Erika Leigh

Lee Jr Craig

Lenardson Bryce Scott

Louck Kaley Jean

Lovell Matthew Scott

Lucarelli Hayley Jean

Lyon Jordon Christopher

Markus Ariana Marie

Marshall Alyssa Kay

Maslin Cecelia Cheyenne

Mason Alyssa Mackenzie

Matthew Jeffery James

McCuaig Carly Rose

MeEva Thomas Stephen *

Mihlethaler Sophia Jo

Moody Cammi Sue

Mora Dallas Cole

Mosher Nicole Jean

Newlove Julia Kathryn *

Nichols Madellyn Rayelle *

Nowak Emily Sue

Outwin Jacob Ryan *

Owens Brandon Alexander

Parks Emily Lidia *

Pastoor Emilee Anne

Pastrick Richard Jr.

Pate Skye Elaine

Patin Nathan Benjamin

Patterson Mitchell Royce

Petersen Bianca Renae

Pierce Madelin Rose

Plummer Sydney Kay

Porter Jacob James

Prins Rachel Christine

Quisler Benjamin James

Ream Evan Tate

Reich-­Tanis Jazmyn Lin

Reyers Jarred Lee

Roberts Noah Isaac

Rugg Mackenzie Ann *

Russell Jr Mark

Russo Mitchell Alan *

Saenz Jeslyn Rose

Sanders Dylan Shane

Sawade Brandon Alan

Scheidel Madison Lynn

Schmitz Rylie Elizabeth *

Sella Reid James

Shanahan-­Galinis Jacob Michael *

Shevock Meagan Faith *

Shevock Morgan Leigh *

Shotko Shelby Lynn

Simkins Devin James

Slagter Emily Chrisha

Smith Breanna Rose

Stahle Zachariah James

Steve Taylor Diane

Suschil Jasmine Renay *

Tanis Dylan Richard

Tawney Michaela Noel *

Todd John Jacob

Topolski Dominic Isaiah

Tramper Nikki Lee *

Umphrey Myla Joann

VaiVada Avery Michael

VanDenHout Julia Catherine *

Wagner-­Sherburn Corbin Russell

Watts Andrew Ryan

West Jacob Matthew

Wheaton Joseph

Whitmill Taylor Paige

Whitmore Montana Jae

Zachmann Danielle Renae

High School

9th grade

Alger, Mariah Jo *

Alvesteffer, Collin Robert

Anderson, Austin Axel

Baculy, Jonathan

Barnard, Bradley David

Barnes, Kelly Christina

Basso, Austin John *

Behrenwald, Anna Paige *

Bouwkamp, Morgan Paige *

Bowerman, Paul Cleon

Clifford, Emily Lauran *

Conely, Dugan James *

Coons, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Coutchie, Kristi Lynn

Cowley, Alyssa Marie

Davis, Joshua Scott

Dingman, Karsen Christopher *

Douglas, Alexander Reed

Draper, Daniel Darrian

Dreyer, Megan Grace

Dunn III, Michael Gordon

Fliearman, Patrick James

French, Drew Arthur

Frodl, Nicholas John

Galloway, Kevin Robert

Gamm, Lillian Michelle

Garza, Abigail Skye

Gibbons, Madison Elise

Grose, William Gregory *

Hall, Hunter Harrison *

Harmon, Zachary John *

Harper, Brayden Blaauw

Heintzelman, Lisa Marie

Hess, Jacob Matthew *

Hickok, Raegan Elise *

Hill II, Thomas Ardell

Hill, Austin Jack

Houck, Derrick Thomas

Ingersoll, Maya Leigh

Jager, Sydnee Marie *

Jordan, Alex Christopher

Kendall, Annah Leigh

Kiander, Sarah Beth *

Kirchhoff, Brandyn Tyler *

Kolasa, Dylan J

Krankall, Katherine Nichole

Kren, Jacob Daniel Lachniet, Bailey Nicole

Larsen, Liberty Ann

Larsen, Tanner Isaac

Lehman, Lindsay Grace *

Lewis, Evan GabrielLynch

Lovell, Tyler John

MacDonald, Savannah Dawn

Marlatt, Tyler Ryan

Martin, Nicole Ann Merie

McHenry, Jacob Michael

Mead, Paul Jakeb

Merlington, Chase James

Moore, Gavin Alan

Morris, Brooke Hannah

Murray, Alysse Celine *

Nozal, Megan Ann Marie

O’connor, Sydney Anne

Patin, Cameron Joseph

Pavelka, Jameson Edward

Pettey II, Ryan Jay

Pierce, Macaiyah Jalae

Reynolds, Heidi Lynn

Ringler, Jordan Paul

Ringler, Kaitlin Rose

Rios, Mariah

Rivard, Cassandra J

Robinson, Alex Scott

Robinson, Brooklyn Renae

Ross, Brooke Morgan *

Russell, Renay Lynn

Sargent, Aaliyah Ashley

Schatz, Isaiah Matthew *

Scheer, Holly Renee *

Schoen, Nathan Charles

Shaw, Dustin Keith

Smith, Brandon Alexander

Snoeyink, Macarty Jay

Sparling, Alison J

Spencer, Jaron Andrew

Steagald, Taralyn *

Strain, Madison Taylor

Tennant, Kaylee Sue

Tepin, Tara Nicole *

Twichell, Christian Reed

VanDusen, Madeline Ann *

Velting, Bryar Scott

VonSeggern, Nicole Lyn *

Walenga, Grace Nicole

Waller, Jacob Dale

White, Lauren Nicole

Wight, Sienna Lanae

Williams, MaKayla Rae

Wymer, Gabriel Clayton

Wysocki, Hailey Elizabeth

Zandstra, Breanna Ruth *

Zinn, Megan Elizabeth *

Zoerman, Jenna Katherine


10th grade

Ackerman, Jordan Mae

Armstrong, Paul Henry Clay

Bekins, Dalton E

Bennett, Brooke Elizabeth

Blatt, Holden James

* Block, Lauren A

Brandimore, Parker

* Bray, Joshua Robert

Brennan, Morgan Sue

* Brockschmidt, Justin Noble

* Brown, Ethan Sean

Brown, Gabriel Taylor

* Cardinal, Erika Anne

Carter, Leah Joy

Cartwright, Jacob Joseph

Chamberlain, Ally Jordan

Chen, Siying

Christie, Kylen Elizabeth

Ciise, Abdullahi Maxamed

Colley, Alexandria Lynn

Cronk, Rebekah

Da Costa, Lorenzo Victor

Durall, Jessica Michelle

Empie, Jesse Michael

Fisk, Blake Elisha

Flynn, Allison Marie

* Forner, Amanda Mae

Frazine, Cheyla Nichol

Gardner, Kia Lynnae

* Grody, Tatyana Rose

* Hall, Alison Lorraine

* Hansen, Julie

Harthorn, Brandon Lee

Hay, Stephanie Denise

Holmquist, Holly Ann

Hoorn, Brad Lee

Howard, Gabrielle Ann

Jackson, Jelen Stephano

Johnson, Dallas Joe

* Kaczanowski, Philip Chase

Keaton, Alyssa Jean

Kemp, Austin G

* Kilts, Megan Marie

King, Grant Christopher

Klompstra, Kaylee Suzanne

Kobayashi, Evan Mathew

Kosla, Chandler Mathew

Kriekaard, Sara Elizabeth

Kronberg, Robert Jonathan LeBaron, Whitney Ann

Lewis Frank, Brooke Ellen

* Lewis, Ethan GrantLynch

Lozon, Rylee Marie

Magoon, Camantha May

Magoon, Nicholas James

* Maguire, Melissa Ann

Marvel, Allyson Jeanette

* Mattson, Melissa Rae Meester, Brandon Sweet

* Merritt, Joshua Parker

* Meyer, Kaley Jo

Mihlethaler, Kaylee Patricia

Mitchell, Victoria Paige

Moore, Erin Rose

Morris, Jessica Leigh

Mosher, Briana Jae

Nairat, Mo’tasem

Nelson, Jacob Donald

Newlove, Debra Elizabeth

Odren, Janelle R

* Oswalt, Dalton Andrew

* Ovokaitys, Ellie

Pekrul, Kyle James

* Pereira Goce, Naiara

Perez, Isabella Renee

Pike, Meredith Joy

Plank, Jarod Jacob

Plugge Webber, Kelsie Raelyn

Powell, James Russell

Rackes, Mason  Jeffrey

Rideout, Kayla  Lynn

Roach, Jakob E

Rogers, Shaye Christina

Salmon, Kelly Clare

Sawade, Remington Francis

* Scheuneman, Madison May

Schoenborn, David Douglas

* Schut, Emma Jo

* Scrivener, Katarina Elizabeth

* Shuff, Samantha Dawn

Simpson, Cora

* Spahr, Kyle Ross

Stanek, Trinton Allen Douglas

Steagald, Britany Marrie

Tanis, Alexander Thaddeus

Taylor, Samantha Marie

Twichell, Charles Christopher

Uhall, Sarah Ann

* VanDenHout, Lauren Elizabeth

Vanderhoef, Ashley Jo

* VanDyke, Taylor Jay

Warlick, Kaitlyn Cheyane

Weber, MacKenzie Sue

Wells, Jessica Lynn

Wier, Calla Rae

Wilks, Alexis Danielle

Willer, Emily Therese

Willitts, Connor G

Wolfarth, Jonathan Alexander

Wozniak, Chace Elliott


11th grade

Adams, Erik Lee

* Alger, Alyssa Marie

Arnold, Allyson Nicole

Black, Jessica Jean

Blackmer, Zachary Allen

Bohy, Ryan Jeffery

Boomgaard, Kambrie Karen

Bosch, Bethany Jo

* Brownell, Elena Emily

Burrows, Caden Gard

Caron, Ryan David

Cherry, Riley Lynne

Chong, Derrick Frederick

Clark, Kaci Logan

Cook, Abby Lynn

Cooper, Mikayla Marie

Cotten, MavRick Lee

* Daniels, Caitlin Ann

Davis, Justin Elton

DeBoe, Elizabeth Lynn

DeCanter, Kevin Charles

Dreyer, Sydney Marie

* Dunmire, Cody Lee

* Evola, Kaitlyn Ann

* Fennessy, Nicholas James Flores, Ryan NicholasJames

Frodl, Charles Lynwood

Fuller, Katt Mae

Hallengren­‐Lunsford, Katlyn

Havens, Savannah Ann

* Hawkins, Paige Renee

Hawley, Prussia LeAnn

Hensler, Brandon Keith

Holloway, Taylor McKenzie

* Homrich, Taylor Nicole

Hoogerheide, Cody Michael * Hoorn, May Marie

Hull, Brianna Jean

Johnson, Erin Rae

Johnston, David Joel

Joldersma, Travis Lee

Jones, Justin Brooks

Kaupa, Nicole Marie

Kernen, Jacob Louis

Kiander, Kelsey Janae

King, Charlene Nicole

Klco, Caylana Whitney

Knappen, Andrew Scott

Knarr, Kyle Robert

Krupp, Alexandrea Marie

Kwiatkowski, Haley

Lachniet, Alec Steven

Learned, Dalton Duane

Liggett, Darrick Hunter

Link, Shelbi Krynna

* Long, Trisha Ashley

Lucarelli, Alexis Marie

Luevano, Tyler Philip

Magoon, Joshua Lee

* Mann, Shayne McKenzie

* McGahan, Logan Marshall Melson, Jacob Michael

* Messersmith, Krystyn Marie

Metzger, Eric Irvan

Miller, Heather Marie

Misner, Madison Elaine

Miszewski, Emily Ann

Morales, Marisa Alexis

Morris, Nicholas Marshall

Mouthaan, Aubree Noelle

Murphy, Sean Nelson

Myers, Kaden  Jeffrey

Nelson, Eileen Mae

Norkus, Marta Jillynn

Nulph, Roland Michael

O’Brien, Cortney  Ann

Oberdorfer, Kyle Robert

Olsen, Karlee Kathryn

* Owens, Samanth Rose

Phipps, Brooke Renee

* Pierson, Taylor Renee

Porter, Alex Michael

Porter, Nicole AnnKit

Quiroga, Julian

* Quiroga, SanOago

* Roberts, April Blossom

Rypma, Kellsie Lenae

Sargent, Austin Michael

Savickas, Tyler Anthony

* Schatz, Gabriella Atira

Scheidel, Jordan Lin

Schumann, Katie Bay

Schut, Julianne Adele

Selleck, Parker William

Serek, Hannah Marie

Shab, Emily Louise

Shaw, Jonathan Grey

Sheeley, Michelle Anne

Sherman, Joseph Paul

* Siegel, Kristian Michael

Simones, Eric Paul

* Sipka, Brandon Skyler

Slater, Aaron Matthew

Slocum, Megan Nicole

Smith, Michael David

Snavley, Allison Margaret

Soles, Ashley Nicole

Sommer, Hannah May

Sorensen, Nathan Bo

Steed, Nicholas Scott

Stockreef, William James

Stremus, Shelby Marlene

* Swanson, Rider Lee

Swinehart, Sarah Marie

Taylor, Bryan Thomas

* Tepin, James Robert

Tiethoff, Tamara Ann

Timmers, Tyler Steven

Valentine, Joshua Stanley

VanAssen, Michael Allen

VanAssen, Sergio Daniel

VanHemert, Jesse Allen

Vincent, Charles Lee

Vronko­‐Hollar, Anastasia

Walters, Austin James

Wamser, Zachary David

* Weiler, MacKenzie  Ann

Wheeler, Becca Patrice

Whipple, Josi Ruth

Willer, Samantha Noel

Williams, Hailly Leona

Wingate, Jakob Quinn

* Wolfe, Bayley Lynne

Yeck, Brittany Nicole

Zoerman, Hayley Jo

* Zywicki, Bailey Morgan


12th grade

Ackerman, Connor Alon

Armock, Jonathan David

Artecki, Breonna KeturahMiller

* Aspinall, Corrine Elizabeth

Atkins, Taylor Kristine Austin, Joshua Gary

Badge, Whitney Diane Baker, Taylor Nichole

Bekins, Dakota James Benge, Joshua Edwin

Benham, Erica Ann

Benham, Nicole Ashley Bennett, Morgan Marie

Block, Dylan Leslie

Bohy, Kayla­‐Ann  Marie

Bonarski, James Robert

Bowman, Laurel Ann

Brunett, Megan Eileen

* Bull, Kristen Elizabeth

Bullen, Elisabeth Ann

Burnett, Michaela D

Carter, Joel Steven

Churchard, Walter Scott

Ciise, Cabdulqaadir M

Colby, Marcus Jay

Conley, Abigail Alisse

Coons, Kendra Nicole

Dault, Dano Lee

DeGood, Dylan Michael

Detloff, Jacob WilliamThomas

Dubart, Melanie Sue

Evans, Brenton Michael

Falicki, Lauren Margaret

Feliciano-Colon, Paige Marie

Finch, Dylan Maxwell

Fisher, Renee Christine

Francis, Mikenzie Raye

Franks, Jacqueline Rae

Grattan, Megan Dolores

Gust, Jacob Thomas

* Hall, Kody Michael

Hamilton, Alyson Catherine

Hamilton, Austin Michael

Hanmer, Mitchel Adam

Hause, Anna Elise

Hawes, Mitchell Ryan

Hayes, Mikayla Marie

* Henry, Rebecca Frances

* Herp, Sean Harrison

Hickok, Collin Randall

Hilyer, Austin Michael

Hinton, Brianna Lynne

Hopkins, Jasen Scott

Hutchinson, Sarah Renee

Johnson, Jordan Lee

Karaba, Cynthia Ranae

Kessel, Scott Allen

Klopfer, Cole Michael

Knapp, Benjamin H

Kooiman, Mitchell Lynn

Krajewski, Nicholas John

Krankall, Keri Merie

Kriekaard, Jessica Lee

Kulak, Michaela Marie

* LaLone, Kassidy Rae

Laraway, Nicholas MarshallFloyd

Leal, Shannon Marie

Lemery, MiKayla Erin

* Lenardson, Baron Blake Link, Cameron Michael Mabie, Aaron Richard

Maka, Kyle Richard

Marble, Kyler Alan

Markosky, Brett Martin

Matzke, Nicole Louise

McBride, Cameron James

McClurken, Caitlin Marie

* McIntyre, McKenna Christine

Melle, Vanessa Marie

Meshinski, Monica Lynn

Miller, Kate Elaine

Moore, Elizabeth Marie

Murphy, Ian Malone

Newland, Jeffrey Duane

Newman, Matthew Denis

* Nichols, Jordyn Rena

Oliver, Alexis Karri

Olszewski, Abigail Michelle

Ortegel, Megan Marie Pearson, William Lee

Pekrul, Madeline Ann

Pierce, Catelin Rae

Plank, Aiyana Cassandra

Ploeg, Jacob Matthew

Powell, Tyler Jay

Powers, Katelin Marie

Rice, Kyle GlennHunter

Ringler, Hannah Nicole

* Robinson, Brittney Lynnae

Rohacz, Alyssa Gale

Saylor, Charlene Sue

* Scheidel, Mia Elizabeth

Schlump, Daniel Allan

* Schreiber, Kristen Lee

Segard, Nicholas Tyler

Simon, Tristan Anthony

Sipka, Shawn Mackenzie

Smith, Mercedez Lee

* Spahr, Kellie Lynn

Spangenberg, John Jacob

Stevens, Alexis Morgan

Stevenson, Luke Robert

* Syswerda, John Lee

Thompson, Lindsey Arlean

* Timm, Kevin Miles

Todd, Brittany Joy

VanEss, Dalton James

VanLangen,Taylor Nicole

Vega, Alicia Marie

* VonSeggern, Molly Mae

* Wells, Kylie Ann

* West, Monica Lynne

White, Aeron Charles

Wight, Sayge Sierra

Willett, Blake  Michael

* Willette, Claire Marie

Young, Casey Marie


New Beginnings Alternative HS (9-12)

All A’s & B’s  

Daniel Bleeker

Jessica Brown

Joshua MacDonald

Alisha Matteson

Tanisha Morris

Gabrielle Orean

Zachary Orean

Lindsey Petrowski

Austin Stambaugh

Eric Swank


All A’s

Presley Dalton

Zachariah Garlock

Brandi Johnson

Carol Maycroft

Hayden Park

Emily Springer

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