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My apologies: It was brought to my attention at the April Council Meeting, that I needed to apologize to others for my private e-mail sent to Patricia Troost, which was read by a citizen of our community at the public forum. I had thought that an earlier e-mail apology to Patricia was received by her in good truth and that my mistake in judgement had been forgiven. It was never my intention that this e-mail would be made public and ultimately involve hurt feelings to those who were mentioned in the e-mail.

Therefore, I am asking that those involved please forgive my mistake in judgement.


Bob Truesdale, 

Cedar Springs City Council

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2 Responses to “Apology”

  1. Regina says:

    That’s not an apology Mr. Truesdale. Apologies are given from ones own free will, not requested by someone else. You letter is projecting blame on the person pointing out your lapse in judgement, Ms. Troost for outing you and the citizen reading your statement. As a public official, everything you say and do is PUBLIC. Shame on you for not knowing that and shame on you for an insincere statement that someone else strong armed out of you. Your actions do not reflect the Christian principles you profess to live by.

  2. Sydney says:

    If I remember correctly, Bob didn’t you pass out the e-mail you sent to all the business owners a few days after you sent it? So saying you wanted it kept quiet is not true or you seem to have forgotten that. I was at the Council meeting when you didn’t even apologize in public, in fact I remember Patricia getting up and going over to shake your hand and tell you she forgave you and every since then there has been nothing but a witch hunt after her and the other Council members. I think you need to do way more then this kind of apologize, because people have not seen anything from you except asking for everyone to get along, but you keep it going and wont let it go.




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