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Take back Red Flannel Town, USA

A peaceful demonstration protest march is planned before, during and after the Cedar Springs City Council meeting on Thursday, October 11, at 7 p.m.

Red Flannel Town is not just a logo. It is our history. A symbol recognized for 73 years worldwide. It’s the reason for a wonderful festival to celebrate our community, schools, families, friends and volunteers.

I have much respect for all the folks who work on City Council, Red Flannel, and various other committees. It was sad and shocking to see our city medallion taken down, smashed, and displayed for photos. How can the destruction of public property be justified? Look at our city flag (if it hasn’t been destroyed). It is a symbol for educated, fun loving, reasonable people that enjoy red flannels year-round.

City Council—the Red Flannel Festival isn’t asking for a free ride, just reasonable negotiations about cost. It’s time to fix this mess. Not one more red cent should be spent to cover or destroy public property or develop a new logo.

To our new City Manager: Good luck. I sure hope you can guide City Council back to the citizens of Red Flannel Town, USA.

Thank you Red Flannel Fesival for purchasing and paying to hang up the wooden Red Flannels.

Rose Powell

City of Cedar Springs

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One Response to “Postscript”

  1. Mary Edison says:

    Very well said. I also would like to see more people attend the council meetings.




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