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To the Editor – Recall Mayor Watson

Dear Cedar Springs Residents,

Mayor Watson said of the disagreement with Red Flannel that “This is about fiscal responsibility to the tax paying citizens of Cedar Springs.” This is untrue.

In regard to taking down the old logos, Mayor pro-tem Christine Fahl was quoted on mlive.com as saying, “In my opinion, it’s not going to cost that much. We’re talking man hours” (http://www.mlive.com). So let’s talk about man hours. According to the 2012/2013 budget posted on the City’s website, an average DPW laborer makes $17.03 per hour. We are paying a city employee, not to do their job, but to scrub Red Flannels off all of the street signs and anywhere else that it is located. At $17.03 per hour, it is not a good use of time or money for our city employees to change each and every one of them. This is the leadership and example that Mayor Watson has provided.

Apparently it is no big deal to just throw away $17.03 per hour times many, many street signs.

There have been multiple offers to allow the city to continue to use these logos. Again, quoting from the article by Angie Jackson:

“In the Facebook note, the festival claims ‘…In April, Mayor Charlie Watson …offered the Festival a $4,000 donation of in-kind services for the use of two trademarks…The Festival agreed. That has never happened” (www.mlive.com).

This is not the only offer, and when you combine it with the fact that the Red Flannel Festival has a contract with the city to pay for services not to exceed $8000 each year through 2015, $2300 over what the city estimated it to cost in the past, there is no reason why there could not have been an agreement. The Festival would have still paid $4,000, 70% of what past estimated costs have been. In effect, the city would only be “donating” $1,700. Because of Mayor Watson’s brand of “fiscal responsibility,” the cost to the taxpayer will be considerably higher.

Recall efforts can be followed at www.facebook.com/recallcharliewatson

Molly Nixon
Cedar Springs

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