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An open letter to political candidates

I remember, when I was a child, situations would arise, when I wasn’t the perfect kid (understatement). When confronted with my behavior, I was quick to point out that my siblings were far bigger mess-ups than I was. By the time I was done diverting my parents’ attention from what I had done and on to what my siblings had done with their short lives, I was sure my parents were sorry they had ever dared to pick on me.
As I was growing, so were my parents. Eventually they went from being distracted by my attempts to place blame on others, to being more focused. When I said, “What about her? Look what she has done!” my parents now said, “We’re talking about you, what you have done, and coming up with a plan how you are going to change your behavior.” By holding me accountable, helping me to take responsibility, and think of a positive outcome, they helped me mature and accomplish things.

This kind of action and responsibility is what I had hoped to see in the political candidates. The primary is August 7, and from TV ads that have run I still have not heard a plan.

I’m going to give a shout out to Randy Hekman who is running for US Senate. I have heard short and long-term goals from him. Also, Randy Hekman has said nothing negative about any candidate because he is focusing on what needs to be done.

To the other candidates I would ask: “Where is the substance?” “Why are you spending the money we have donated to you on TV ads pointing out what someone else has done?”

Your typical ad in a nutshell:

“So & So has done . I would never do that! I approve this message.”
Now that brings back childhood memories!

Janice Booy
Nelson Township

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