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From the Publisher

I want to thank everyone in Cedar Springs for 24 great years of publishing The Cedar Springs Post. Thank you to those of you who read us and to those of you who support us with your advertising dollars. (The only advertising I like!)

Why is the Post such a great little newspaper? It’s because I learned long ago that it is not my paper, it is your newspaper. I always joke, “I don’t run The Post, the Post runs me!” Or, “I’m not the boss, the community is my boss!”
The Post reflects the personality of the people living here in Cedar Springs like no other newspaper. It’s dependable, informative, accurate and even entertaining because of Judy Reed, our editor. Judy is crazy dedicated. Although there is therapy for that, we can’t cover it. Sorry Judy. The Post has a real sense of style. It always looks so great because of our graphic artist Belinda Sanderson. She’s the best.

At the Post, we begin each week facing blank pages waiting to be filled with the stories of us. The stories of tragedy, of accomplishment, of growth and of loss. The stories about the people of Cedar Springs. It’s our own history that magically, appears in print – with photos! Twenty-four years, fifty-two issues a year. That’s a lot of history – and a lot of work!

What would Cedar Springs be like without the Cedar Springs Post? Would we have our Kent Theatre? What about our library? Who would run free lost and found animal ads? Where would we look to find our local candidates? The Post brings thousands and thousands of people together on one page, so to speak. It’s what gives us our voice, our goals and our sense of community.

But, in reality, nothing is free (except kittens). So a very heart-felt “thank you” goes out to the business community that has not turned away from the local newspaper. Businesses that want to help build this community while building their business. They keep the Post on the newsstands and in your hands. (We are not government funded or use taxpayer dollars in any way and survive only on local advertising.)

The business supporters found on the pages of The Cedar Springs Post are critical for the survival of a hometown newspaper. They pay the staff, printing fees and the bills. We cannot forget that The Post would not exist if it were not for them.

Thank you Cedar Springs
Happy Birthday Cedar Springs Post!

Lois Allen, Publisher
The Cedar Springs Post

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