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City’s 1929 fire truck to get face-lift

City’s 1929 fire truck to get face-lift

By Linda Branyan, clerk for City of Cedar Springs

A piece of Cedar Springs history is being given new life! The old 1929 Model A Fire Engine, the City’s pride and joy, is going to be brought back to its original glory through the efforts of Carl and Rich Straub, owners of Pro Autoworks, in Cedar Springs.

Fire Chief Marty Fraser announced plans for the refurbishment of the vintage fire truck at a recent City Council meeting. The Straubs plan to do a quality restoration job complete with the truck’s original gold leaf and brass ornamentation. They estimate it will take about 200 man-hours and approximately $7,500.00 to bring the vehicle to museum quality.
“The preservation of this truck is important to all of us, as well as the community,” they said.

Cedar Springs Clipper Editor Nina Babcock gets a ride on the old Model A fire engine during a Red Flannel celebration, year unknown.

Cedar Springs Clipper Editor Nina Babcock gets a ride on the old Model A fire engine during a Red Flannel celebration, year unknown.

The Cedar Springs Fire Department will be taking donations toward the restoration’s expenditures. Those wishing to make a donation should contact Fire Chief Marty Fraser at 616.813.6209 or by email at mfraser@gmail.com.   Donations may also be dropped off at Cedar Springs City Hall. All donations are tax-exempt and receipts will be issued.
To begin the fund raising campaign, members from the Cedar Springs Fire Department will be participating in the Chamber of Commerce’s Community Celebration Day August 11. They will be holding a car wash at the Fire Station on Maple Street and offering area children the opportunity to see the station’s fire trucks up close and personal, as well as getting some hands on experience with a fire hose!

Story first published on the City of Cedar Springs website cityofcedarsprings.org.

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3 Responses to “City’s 1929 fire truck to get face-lift”

  1. John Potes says:

    In response to the 1929 fire truck rebuild,didn’t the post do an article maybe 10-12 years ago,maybe even 15 years ago when the fire truck was completely rebuilt by MCU Body in cedar springs,with all parts and labor donated by the owner Scott Knecht.I ask because I just had some work done there and they (MCU) have that article(framed) displayed on their wall.I was reading the latest publication of the post about the work and cost-$7500.00 and that seemed strange to me,seeing the city and all it’s departments including the fire dept have no funds,which is why they had so many cut’s,almost a year to the day.Where will the funds come from if the donations/fund raisers fall short.Is the City prepared to pay the difference,and where will that money be pulled from.And why wasn’t this project not put up for bid with all the local Body shop’s/Garages in the area.Don’t you feel this is one of the many reasons the city is in the financial state they are in.

  2. Jerry Gross Jr says:

    Dear John
    Although I understand the concern, there is no intent to approach the city to fund any possible shortfall in donations. There is also need to bid a generous donation from a member of the community. The $7500 was a best guess retail estimate and does not take into consideration the donations of time, materials or money by the Straub’s or the community.

    I have been a Member of the fire department for over 17 years, I was on the department when MCU did the work on the engine over 12 year ago, which was much appreciated. It was not a full restoration of the engine, which is the intent this time. Over the years, as the paint began to flake and rust began to reappear we new eventually something would have to be done. The truck deserves to be restored to it’s full original glory as a symbol and pride in our city. The truck still has its original tires on it. The Fire Department was approached by the Straub Brothers on wanting to restore it. We told them we had no money to pay for that, and they told us they had people lined up to donate man hours to work on truck, and we had a donor lined up for the paint. WE have been looking for tires for over 2 years for that truck, and it took the Straub brothers less then 2 days with their connections to find the right tires that we needed. Their goal is to get everything donated for the total restoration. Including the original gold leaf trim!! The $7,500 is the amount of money the Straub brother estimated it would cost if we were to pay. Donations by the community will be used to replace some of the missing items and cover labor or expenses that are not donated. We may use the funds for a garage with windows to showcase the truck instead of parking it in a shed year round out of sight.

    See you at the Car Wash on the 11th!!!

  3. cspoststaff says:

    From Jerry Gross Jr: Dear Citizen

    The Photo that was taken was from its original paint job, and looking at pics does not show the rust, paint peeling and other general state of the truck. and from my last post the city is not spending a dime on this truck, please read my other post!!


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