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Weekly fishing tip

From the Michigan DNR

A Little Nighttime Fishing

With summer in full swing and the temperatures pushing record highs across most of the state, fish become quite lethargic. Even the classic warm-water large and smallmouth bass move slowly and show less interest in feeding during daylight hours when the sun is high in the sky. However, they still can be caught by the angler looking for a little adventure!

This week’s tip for bass is, when summer is in full swing and the temperatures soar, go nocturnal! Some of the best bass fishing this time of year occurs during the first hour or so after dark. Dusk and dawn can still produce fish but that first hour or two after dark can be exceptional.

After dark, bass tend to move shallow in search of an easy meal. Target them near the same areas you would during other times of the day while also casting and targeting the shallows. You’ll also want to change your technique. Since after dark you can’t see the weed line or other underwater structures, fishing subsurface lures is not recommended. It is time for surface presentations. Frogs and poppers work great and rarely catch on anything, other than fish. After the cast, work them aggressively with a jerking motion making sure they pop and gurgle across the surface of the water during your retrieve. Pay close attention during the retrieve, watching and listening for the strike, which can be explosive.

This type of fishing can be lots of fun and the darkness and solitude of the lake you’re fishing adds a new aura/mystery to the whole experience. So if you are feeling adventurous, get on the water at 10:00 p.m. and fish the shallows for bass until midnight or 1:00 a.m. The results can be spectacular!

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