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Keep your lawn mower running right

Keep your lawn mower running right
Giving your lawn mower a tune-up is a lot easier and more important than many people realize.Giving your lawn mower a tune-up is a lot easier and more important than many people realize.

Giving your lawn mower a tune-up is a lot easier and more important than many people realize.

(NAPS)—Lawn care is a lot easier when you have a mower that starts quickly and gets the job done week after week. The key to making that happen can be as simple as doing a few easy and inexpensive mower maintenance tasks once a year.

“It’s like preventive medicine for your equipment,” says Synoilva Shaw, a Briggs & Stratton marketing coordinator and lawn mower expert. “For a few dollars and few minutes once a year, you can make your lawn mower last longer and run better.” For the typical push mower, an annual lawn mower tune-up includes changing the oil, spark plug and oil filter and adding a fuel preservative. It takes about 30 minutes and provides great benefits, including:

•  A lawn mower that starts easily and runs smoothly at full power;
•  Extended mower life, potentially avoiding major repairs;
•  Reduced engine emissions because the engine will run cleaner;
•  A small savings in the amount of gasoline used.

“Even homeowners who have never done a mower tune-up can do it right the first time,” adds Shaw. In fact, Todd Teske, the CEO of Briggs & Stratton Corporation, demonstrates how easily it is done by tuning up his own lawn mower on a how-to video on the Briggs & Stratton YouTube channel.

The company offers all-in-one tune-up kits that include everything needed to do a tune-up: the right amount of oil, an air filter, a fuel filter for riding mowers, a spark plug and fuel preservative. The kits are available at Briggs & Stratton dealers, home improvement stores or online at www.briggsandstratton.com.

The firm also helps homeowners dispose of their used mower engine oil easily and at no cost at participating Briggs & Stratton dealers. The used oil can be dropped off in any closed container. To find a dealer, visit recyclemoweroil.com.

As the largest maker of gas engines for outdoor power equipment, the company encourages homeowners to maintain the estimated 65 million lawn mowers in the United States as both a cost-saving measure and an environmentally responsible action.

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