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Thanks for all you do!!!

Thanks for all you do!!!


From left to right: Joanne Carter, Kim Johnson, Russ Cole, Wyatt Phillips and Megan Faye Maddocks. Photo by T. Noreen.

Reviewed by Tom Noreen

Local playwright Scott Phillips brings the office to the stage in his newest production, Thanks for all you do!!! If you have ever worked in any kind of office setting, you will recognize and appreciate his portrayal of office life as the cast takes you through the sales of Smalley Small Arms. As a Dilbert fan, I laughed so hard I cried. One cast member commented afterwards that she almost broke character when she heard me laughing so hard.

Joanne Carter plays the evil Director of Human Resources, Roberta, and with her gravelly voice makes you cringe with every un-human comment she makes. Russ Cole does a great job portraying the narcissistic Top Salesman Phil, as he continually pats himself on the back and takes credit for the company’s profitability. Kim Johnson takes on the role of the melancholic Max, from Accounts Receivable, who hates his job of badgering clients for money. Megan Faye Maddocks is spot on as she brings to life the ever-optimistic peacemaker, Ingrid, from Accounts Payable. Always trying to keep the office from self-imploding, she cringes with each cynical, biting comment from the other staff. To save money, Roberta has hired the Temp Guy (TG) to cover both janitorial services and the IT helpdesk! Wyatt Phillips is super as he bounces back and forth between these and other roles.

With all their imperfections, the staff keeps the company running in the black as the unengaged owner Henry, played by Jon Gamm, plays online poker and watches off-colored movies. Wanting to join the professional poker circuit, Henry puts the company up for sale on Ebay and gets an immediate hit. Kim Powell, as Penelope Prentis, the Acquisition Specialist, and James Broskey, as the legalese speaking Risk Management Lawyer Gregory Garfield, arrive with little warning to scope out the company. To round out the fun, Shirley Saenz shows up as an IRS auditor.

For a great evening of entertainment and more laughs than you can count, the play runs Friday, May 25, and Saturday, May 26 at the Kent Theatre. Show times are at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available at the Library and Alpha and Omega Coffee Shop. Adults are $12, and children under 18 are $6.



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