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Power of faith

Pastor Ryan Black
Cedar Springs Christian Church
340 West Pine Street, Cedar Springs


When reading the scriptures of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, we see the wonders of an almighty and powerful God. From the parting of the Red Sea, to David defeating Goliath, to Jesus healing and raising people from the dead, this power is displayed. While this power is supernatural and beyond our comprehension, these phenomenon all have one common link. What is that connection? That connection is faith!

Faith is the key to releasing the magnificent power of God. The Bible gives us many examples of this. In the gospels we read about a situation regarding a Roman centurion’s servant who was ill and dying (Matthew 8/Luke 7). It was the faith of the centurion that allowed the power of Christ to heal his servant. When a woman with a bleeding problem reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garments she was immediately healed (Matthew 9/Luke 8/Mark 5). Although it was the power of Christ, it was her faith that released that power to heal her. These are just a few examples of how faith has been displayed throughout the Word of God.

In today’s world we need to have that same kind of faith in God. We need to know and believe that He is there for us and can get us through any tragedy we may face. When things are going great in our lives, the easier it seems for us to keep our faith at a high level. This was true of the followers and disciples of Christ. They believed and expressed great faith when they witnessed and saw the greatness of God before their eyes. However, when they went out to sea and faced a terrifying storm, their faith disappeared. Catastrophe struck and fear set in and overcame all the amazing miracles they had previously witnessed.

We can all admit that it’s easier to keep our beliefs high when good things are happening. When blessings are being poured out and life seems to be going well, it’s much easier to focus on how great God is and how much we depend on Him.  But it’s when we face a tragedy or a storm in our lives that our faith is really being tested. We have to remember that just as Christ’s disciples lost their faith in the midst of the storm, Jesus was still right there with them. And when called upon the storm was calmed (Matthew 8/Mark 4/Luke 8). We need to rely on Christ to calm the storms and tragedies in our lives. And this can be accomplished through one thing. Faith!



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