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Do’s and don’ts for snowmobilers

Snowmobilers and ORV operators are reminded to:
•    Never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs
•    Slow down
•    Wear safety equipment such as a helmet, eye protection,
protective clothing and insulated boots and gloves
•    Always operate with the flow of traffic and stay as far to the
right side of any legal road or trail
•    Always keep a machine in top mechanical condition
•    Never ride alone and always leave a travel plan with someone
•    Avoid, when possible, operating on frozen bodies of water
•    Avoid operating in a single file when operating on frozen
bodies of water
•    Wear a winter flotation suit whenever operating on the
frozen surfaces of water
•    Always be alert and avoid fences and low strung wires
•    Always look for depressions in terrain
•    Only carry passengers when the machine is designed to do so
•    Ensure that headlights and taillights are on at all times
•    When approaching an intersection, come to a complete stop,
raise up off the seat and look for on-coming  traffic
•    Always check the weather conditions before departure
•    Bring a cell phone and other basic safety gear (something to
start a fire with, rescue throw rope, self-rescue ice spikes, tow
strap, flashlight, compass, blanket, etc.)

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