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School board bits

School to seek sinking fund millage for repairs
The Cedar Springs Board of Education voted Monday evening, December 12, to hold a special election on February 28, 2012, to seek a one-mill “sinking fund” to help finance repairs, renovations, and remodeling.
The school has been forced to cut millions of dollars in expenses the last few years, due to cutbacks in funding from the state of Michigan, which means  some repairs have been put on hold.
One mill is equal to $1 for every $1,000 of taxable value of property. If the taxable value is $50,000, the cost would be $50 for the property owner. The millage would last 10 years and then cease.
“We’ve tried to maintain the buildings and roads the best we can, but there are things that need to be done,” said Asst. Superintendent David Cairy.
Road repair is one of the items that a parent group came up with. “We have a lot of miles of road on the campus,” noted Cairy. Other items include replacing boilers in the old buildings, improving parking at Cedar Trails, improving safety and security at building entrances, eventually replacing the turf on the football field, and other items.
Cairy emphasized this millage would not be for new construction, just repairs. “We are at a point (financially) where we really need it,” he said.
The school had put this proposal on the ballot last year but it was defeated. They decided to try again because they need the money, and because they said many parents had contacted them and said they didn’t know about it last year when the election was held.
Board votes no on OK conference realignment
The Cedar Springs Board of Education unanimously voted NO Monday evening on the realignment proposal from the OK Conference. Under the plan being proposed, Cedar Springs would be part of a new division—the OK Bronze—made up of six teams—Cedar, Forest Hills Northern, West Catholic, Greenville, Northview, and Forest Hills Eastern. They would play non-conference games in weeks one and two, crossover games with the Green and Gold in weeks three and four, and conference games in weeks five through nine.
“We are in a 8-team conference that has worked well for us,” said Suprintendent Ron McDermed. “Some teams are quite aways away.”
Principal Ron Behrenwald agreed. “It’s more transportation costs, more time on the buses. From a student standpoint, it’s not the best option,” he said.
School districts across the area are also voting on the proposal. Athletic Supervisor Autumn Mattson said that there is some talk that the proposal may not pass by the 2/3 vote needed, and that they would know for sure on Monday after the last two districts vote. She said it’s unknown whether they would leave things the way they are if it’s defeated, or go back to the drawing board. “It’s never happened before,” she said.

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5 Responses to “School board bits”

  1. Charlie Towns says:

    I know I did write a huge post(s) on this before. Not to try and beat a dead horse, but I am voting no. In principle I cannot see supporting that football field that they built. Does everyone know that the School district is still under lease for Skinner field, and that they have to maintain that as well!! If the city wanted to be real hardnosed about it they could make the school put a lot of money into that facility (skinner field). They are not maintaining it. Just go and look at the track over there, it needs to be resurfaced; the buildings need to be re-painted. They signed a lease saying they would maintain it to the standard that Mr Holton built it too. THEY ARE NOT living up to the terms of the lease. I know it is because they do not have money. But hello why did they not think of that before you built the new field that they would have two facilities to maintain. It is only because the City is being nice they are not being forced to do this.

  2. Charlie Towns says:

    Why did we ever build that money pit of a stadium? And don’t give me the cop out answer “because the community wanted it”. I am sorry I expect the members of the school board to be smart enough to say,”I know you want it but hold on!! We cannot afford to maintain it, and we are already under contract to maintain another field!”. I would vote for it if the put it in that NO money from it would go to support that field they have up there. It never should have been built. Better yet I will figure out how much it would be on my taxes, and write them a check as long as I am assured it will go to a project of MY choosing.

  3. Charlie Towns says:

    Not trying to spam on here but I do have a question. The date the election just for the sinking fund will be February 28, 2012? I ask because from everything I can find on the City and School Website are showing May? Have they just not updated their websites, or am I looking in the wrong spots?

  4. Charlie Towns says:

    The more I think about it, the more I wonder if the term “Hold a special election” is code for “Disenfranchise voters that might vote against the millage”? The millage was defeated before when it was put out on the normal schedule when EVERYONE in the district knew to show up. Now I cannot help but wonder if they are changing in hoping word will not get out. The School website still says it is on May the 3rd.
    I wonder if they will wait till the last minute to officially announce the change. Of course you can bet they will send a note home with Johnny to have his parents show up. Parents with kids in the school are more likely to vote yes. That would be fine if they were the only ones to pay taxes to the school, but they are not. Supporting this millage as long as it has the provision for that mistake of a football field, only tells the school “We can be as irresponsible as we want, because they will always give us more money.”

  5. Administrator says:

    Charlie, we will check on the date when school is back in session next week and let you know.




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