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Teacher arrested on CSC charges

Teacher Jon Jungkind was arrested on CSC charges Tuesday involving a student.

A popular Cedar Springs High School teacher is facing criminal sexual conduct charges involving a student.
Jon Eric Jungkind, 44, of Cedar Springs, was arraigned Wednesday, November 30, on two charges of criminal sexual conduct third degree involving a minor student.
According to the Kent County Sheriff Department, they received information on November 23 about a possible sexual relationship between a teacher at the Cedar Springs High School and his 17-year-old student. The victim told police she had sexual intercourse on two separate occasions this summer with Jungkind, who was her chemistry teacher. The incidents allegedly happened at his home in Nelson Township.
Jungkind’s bond is set at $10,000 (10 percent) with the stipulation that he cannot reside within 10 miles of the Cedar Springs while his case is pending.
According to a press release from Cedar Springs Superintendent Ron McDermed, the allegations against the teacher involve one victim, and do not appear to involve any other students in the district. He said that if parents have any concerns about their student’s interactions with Jungkind, they should call a school administrator or the police department.
“The school district has been proactive, working cooperatively with the Kent County Sheriff’s department in the investigation, and will continue to do so,” said McDermed. He said the school district has also initiated its own investigation.
Jungkind has taught at Cedar Springs since August 2003. He taught general chemistry, AP chemistry, the science of science fiction, and physics. He was also chair of the science department, and involved as an advisor in some student clubs, such as National Honor Society, and the Eco-club.
He is currently on administrative leave from his teaching position.

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61 Responses to “Teacher arrested on CSC charges”

  1. RedHawkFan says:

    I can honestly say that I’m not in the least bit surprised. When I was in high school 6 years ago, there was always an awkward situation between one of the female students and he. Of course, rumors circulated but were blown off to standard high school gossip. But the way the 2 acted towards one another was always questionable…

  2. Angelrea03 says:

    I was wondering why I hadn’t heard of him… he started the fall we graduated. Good thing we missed out!!

  3. CS09 says:

    I can honestly say that I don’t believe a word of this. Mr. Jungkind taught my phsyics class 4 years ago and was and still is a wonderful man. The relationship he had with his students was not the teacher/student one, but he always kept it professional. I find it hard to believe that the accusations are plausible.

  4. ShamedHawk says:

    I feel no more pride is my school anymore. Rumors Are always like this and now I am concern maybe other rumors are true. But things are not true tell proven. (student)

  5. RedHawk2009 says:

    I for one, do not believe this at all. I am a former student of Mr. Jungkind and i never felt uncomfortable around him in or out of school. He always acted in a respectful and mature manner towards all of us. Myself, as like many others, who participated in the Eco-Club that he was in charge of, or just in class, really enjoyed having him as a teacher and a mentor.

    I hope that whoever accused him is not fabricating this story because something like this can ruin someones life in the snap of a finger. Even when it turns out to not be true at all.

  6. danno bailey says:

    Then it is your duty to come foward. NOW

  7. CSgraduate says:

    Jungkind was a great teacher when I had him, but there was always this awkward feeling. Whenever I had to stay after school for extra help, I made sure to bring a friend with me. There were also rumors still going around when I graduated a few years ago too, and there was always that one student that spent alot of time during and outside of school. I hope this is all false, but the news isn’t surprising to me unfortunately.

  8. CSHS student says:

    I just have to say that I think this is crap. Mr. Jungkind would never hurt a fly. He is a great teacher. The truth can always be streched and I think, in this case, it has been. If this does turn out to be true, I would be really shocked and hurt. As of right now I’m rooting for Mr. J.

  9. Babaloo Sue says:

    ShamedHawk—It’s not the school who did wrong so don’t lose pride in the school. That’s mixed up. It is the teacher here that no one should take pride in, if he is found guilty. HE is NOT the school. He is a mixed up person and deserves our anger if found guilty. They would not have arrested him either if there weren’t some substantial and credible evidence.

  10. Dean07 says:

    I have had Mr. Jungkind as a teacher as well. I have also made him his website for his classes. I really don’t believe that he would do a thing. He was professional when I had to meet him outside of school for the website that I had made him. He is a great teacher.

  11. graduated says:

    I just can’t believe this. I graduated a few years ago and I had Mr. Jungkind as an advisor and a teacher, and I never felt that he acted inappropriately. I know that you never know someone, so we will have to wait and see what the trial says, but I just don’t believe that he would do this. It breaks my heart that if this isn’t true, his life will still be ruined. And I hope it isn’t true.

  12. mel d says:

    That hair is a crime!

  13. csgraduate says:

    Honestly, I’m suprised a cedar teacher finally got caught, I remember a certain middle school teacher getting off easy. I always heard the rumors, but I didn’t believe they could be true. It was odd how close he was to some of the female students…butbhe seemed to be just as friendly with the male students too. Hopefully this isn’t true and it doesn’t ruin his career

  14. Joshua says:

    I had Mr. Jungkind as my physics teacher maybe 5 years ago, he was funny and a cool teacher. I learned a lot from him and enjoyed his class, he was my very first class of the day. He was pretty down to earth

  15. Joshua says:

    Except i believe he didnt have this long hair when he was teaching back in 06

  16. Student07 says:

    Why does it not suprise me that there is another mentor figure from cedar springs in the post for criminal sexual conduct?! What has cedar springs come to and why is no one doing anything about it?! Seems as though we have one of the most concentrated sexual crime rates in kent county, and it’s only getting worse! I am a single mother who lives alone with my youg daughter in cedar and I no longer feel safe here due to the drug addicts, CSC offenders, and just plan lack of care for our community! I hope for my home town something changes fast!
    -concerned parent-

  17. Student07 says:

    Hate to say it as shame on the girl as well. if this happened twice over the summer and she was seventeen it’s unlikely she was forced into it! It’s not just the teacher and his actions that should be shamed but the 17 year old girls as well. She was old enought to know better and have her Own agenda in all of this! It’s unfortunate the things children are learning at young ages and even more unfortunate that there are predators out there waiting to act on the message these young women are sending out.

  18. student08 says:

    What happened to INNOCENT until proven GUILTY!? I am a former and FEMALE student of Mr. J, he is one of the only teachers at CSHS who genuinely cares about his students. He is a wonderful person and I have never experienced ANY type of inappropriate interactions with him. I took multiple classes with him, and he always put a smile on my face or offered a joke to cheer me up on bad days. I for one stand by him 100%. Maybe people should be looking for facts instead of pointing figures. It makes me ashamed to say I graduated from Cedar Springs based on the behavior of it’s citizens, not because of some accusations against probably one of the last genuinely good teachers at that school. Way to go Cedar Springs… This is up there with the bomb threat made at the White House and the Mercury Spill… Way to once again clutch to your complete and total BS

  19. CSRH says:

    I think it’s so funny how previous students think “he didn’t do that to me” so it must not be true…I’m sure this teacher isn’t going to feel attracted to each and every female student he has in class. The comment about the teacher being so nice, they cant believe he would hurt anyone. Well if you think about it, it doesn’t sound like he “raped” her. I’m sure we will find out that this was consensual. It sounds to me like there was a possible relationship between the student and the teacher. It’s definitely not right, but I don’t look at this the same as a man who has sex with a 10 yr old child. Teachers are human, and do make mistakes like the rest of us do….but this is a BIG ONE. As a professional that spends time with our children on a daily basis he should have known better!! I don’t know how an adult professional teacher would think that this is OK, or that the information would stay private. If we are talking about a 17 yr old young lady, he should have known that girls that age tell their bff’s everything. If this turns out to be true….be thankful that he will be out of CS schools and not able to take advantage of another young lady. Could have been any one of our daughters.

  20. Little Kay says:

    I had Mr Jungkind as a teacher quite recently, and he was very kind to each and every student, as well as very in love with his girlfriend. I hope that this is not true, I want to believe that this is not true, but if it is then I hope he gets the help that he needs, faces consequences, and realizes that what he did was wrong.

  21. Student07 says:

    Ok the murcery spill was stupid but all those boys are grown up now and turned out to be good people! They just didn’t realize what they where messing with and how dangerouse it was! Anyone remember the (bong) threat or how about the kid who hijacked a car to come kill his gf! Cedar is messed up!

  22. mother of 2 says:

    I am seriously thinking about taking my children out of Cedar Schools because of this. They need to do proper pycholgical testing on the teachers… EXPECILLY when they are hearing the romers all these kids are talking about. I dont know how many people I have seen saying “he makes me feel awkward, he was creepy, I always brought a friend with me when I had to meet with him after school.” Why didnt Cedar Schools start investigating then??? Most of the time when a rumor starts there is some kind of truth in it somewhere!!!!!!!!! I blame Cedar Springs Schools for this. They need to keep a eye on what the kids are saying and what is being expressed!!! Are my kids even safe anymore? I am not so sure!!!

  23. RedHawk2009 says:

    Im sure he didnt force a 17 year old into it if it was over the summer. She definitely had her own agenda in all of this and i find it tragic that it had to turn into this. Especially if coercion was used on her part..

    Absolutely tragic.

  24. CSREDHAWKS says:

    He was supposed to be my teacher next trimester. Gross. Can’t believe it. Actually, I can. Always had the suspicion.

  25. csrh05 says:

    I totally agree CSRH…just bc all these people say how “nice” he is and so forth, what does that matter? I had him when I was in school and can see this happening, he was awkard and a tad bit strange with students. This shouldn’t come as some huge shock. This is just as much the girls fault as it is the teachers. Think of how young teenage girls, dress, act etc…obviously that led them to this situation…and he got caught. Just because someone has a certain personality, doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of doing such acts.

  26. Greg Cobb says:

    Dear “mother of 2” and others,

    Maybe a grammar class should be in your future. To see the misuse and destruction of the English language throughout these comments is saddening.

    Don’t have an opinion! Get the facts!

    Wait and let the justice system run its’ course. Jumping to conclusions through rumors is childlike(see teenager). I do not know this man and do not defend him.
    I just say, “be a role model to your kids, not an example.”

    Also, take responsibility for your words, “put your name on it!”

  27. Jasaskel says:

    Seriously? hahahaha! If she was 17, I am completely sure she had something MAJOR to do with it…..especially if it happened twice! Wow…some of you are just ready to fry this guy. I know when I was in High School (in Cedar), I prolly could have had a relationship with at least one teacher out of school! Get real! This teacher may have not done what is right but I can almost guarantee he was not the only one thinking impure thoughts…..lol….seriously! Takes two to tango!

  28. csrh10 says:

    I am not shocked by the responses protecting the accused. We do this everyday in our society. We just don’t want to believe that someone we trusted could do such a thing. Well, we will just have to wait to see what the courts say now. If he did it, hang him. If he is innocent, he will sue the school and parents of the female student he was accused by (she is under age and therefore they are responsible).
    The main thing people have to do right now is NOT accuse the person coming forward. She was a student. How many of you did stupid things at 17 that you now know you should never have done? Everyone should have a big YES to that question. He was a trusted teacher who abused that trust if found guilty. The girl cannot be blamed by what she wore, or the way she acted. That is redonkulous. Even if she begged him, it is his job to say no…nothing else, and break off any contact while at the same time he should notify someone in authority at the school of this behavior to cover his arse.
    After all, how could she help herself when faced with that much sexy hair!

  29. BookReader says:

    I think it’s funny how people are saying he’s innocent. Quite frankly, whether it’s true or not isn’t the point. The allegations wouldn’t have got him on leave if there wasn’t some truth. Also, for those who are blaming the girl, lets me honest here, he’s the adult. He is the teacher and knows that isn’t something you do. Now, if the allegations are false, it’s pretty hard to let that be in the past. I really think people need to stop blaming the girl. You can blame her if these charges are false.

  30. CS06 says:

    We were pretty sure he swung the other way back when I had him for physics. Pretty nice guy though, but so was Eric Wesche.

  31. GB07 says:

    I don’t believe this at all. I had chemistry and seminar with him and he was an awesome person. He was Friendly with us students and treated us like young adults, not children like the rest of the teachers. He knew we needed that sort of respect.

  32. CSHS Graduate says:

    I don’t understand why everyone who liked Jungkind as a teacher think that having sex with a student is so totally implausible. If you and so many others liked him so much then why is it hard to believe that a young impressionable high school girl wouldn’t like their cool sci-fi teacher with long hair too?
    Sex is not a terrible crime, if it were, the vast majority of students at the high school when I was there would have been jailed time and again. The criminal act is that Mr Jungkind performed sexual acts with someone underage.

  33. Cedar Springs Resident says:

    I just spent the last 20 minutes or so reading all of these comments and I just have to make a couple of comments.
    First off….Innocent until proven guilty is suppose to be the standard practice, even if it isn’t practiced in this town what so ever!

    Second….has anyone noticed how many Cedar Springs students or former students can not spell? Maybe people should concentrate on their own education and not on the business of everyone else.

    Third…Shame on you Mr. Jungkind for allowing yourself to even be put into this situation whether innocent or guilty, you should know better.

  34. Alex says:

    I would hardly call the girl a ‘victim’. It takes two people to have sexual intercourse. She knew, just as he did, exactly what she was doing.

  35. CS10 says:

    I’m not suprised. All four years I was at CSHS I had a suspicion about him. Yeah, he was nice, but definitely too nice. Every teacher has certain students every year they have closer friendships with. Which is okay, but not necessary. I always felt there was a certain girl every couple years that he was just a little too close to. I guess it was just a matter of time till he got caught or until he crossed the line. I do not think he forced the girl to do anything, but he did seduce her. She probably did some seducing too. Again, not surprised.

  36. Jessica says:

    To “CS06″…. Watch what you say about other people. It is not your place to judge especially if you’re not 100% sure on the facts. That is an extremely offensive remark.
    As for other comments I am saddened by the fact that everyone is so quick to judge and condemn someone based on opinion or rumors. Yes, this is a terrible situation but no one knows every detail of the story. This is something that needs to be placed in the hands of God because He is the only one with the right to judge. Lots of lives are going to be affected by this situation, and to contribute to the rumors like caddy school girls is ridiculous and immature. I will be praying for both families as I hope others will as well.

  37. Ryan Case says:

    I am in total agreement with Greg. We have a justice system for a reason. All of these comments will just stir up unfair judgement and disrupt school. If it is true I confess my complete condolences for the victim and it is sad that it has happened to our community. There should not be any accusations or rumors spread on this website… if there are legitimate events of concern they should be brought to the police. All we can do is wait for our system to take place and hope for the best results and news.

  38. Doc says:

    His career is over, guilty or not. The assertion of CSC is enough to make any teacher unemployable in nearly any district. A young-minded teacher who is close to his students is more likely to step over the line of propriety than an old-school suit-and-tie type; he’s also more likely to be the subject of gossip because he’s close to his kids. He may have been inapropriate – but he may not have been. If the allegations came from the student involved (I hesitate to call her a “victim” at 17, though she may be), then they carry more weight. If they came from anyone else they could be fueled by jealousy, love of gossip, attention-seeking, “mean-girlishness”, revenge, or boredom. They could also be true, of course. Just because he has been put on leave doesn’t mean the school thinks he’s guilty; it’s their protocol in cases like this. If he is guilty, and he may be, he’s also guilty of supremely bad judgment – even if the girl was willing. At any rate, he’ll never teach again whether he did it or not, if the record holds true for any time a male teacher is accused of having a relationship with a female student at any level below college.

  39. CS1990 graduate says:

    Unfortunately, history seems to repeats itself. I remember a little more than twenty years ago, a teacher whom also happened to be a chemist teacher did the same thing. Sorry to see this happen.

  40. RedHawkFan says:

    CSRH – So well said!

    CS06 – I laughef so hard upon reading that. But it brings up an excellent point… We ccan meet the nicest people in the world, and naturally trust them, but we’re not able to know what goes on in their heads and behind closed doors. I safely imagine we’re all a little different in the public eye than we are at home…

  41. Jordan says:

    I’m sincerely very disappointed in the vast majority of these comments. Do you people need so desperately to be heard that your better judgement is clouded, or are you just monsters? Regardless of whether he’s innocent or guilty, this man’s life is ruined. His career is shattered. He is facing jail-time and irreparable reputation damage. This girl’s name is already running through the rumor mills. Her social life is devastated, as probably is her trust in her adult mentors. There is nothing good about any of this… So many of these comments are derogatory. Have some decency, and speak with sensitivity. I’m almost more disappointed in the comments of these Cedar Springsians, than I am that this is happening in our community.

  42. Ashley says:

    Wow. For one, it IS partially the girl’s fault, IF it was not coercion. This girl is 17. She is old enough to have a job and a license so she is obviously old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Two, it is ALWAYS possible someone trusted can be at fault for such despicable acts. Three, just because something is hard to believe does not mean it is false. Seriously, people need to use spell check and their brains! I always have to re-read when someone has bad grammar or spelling. There are books that are referred to as “dictionary” and “thesaurus”, some people even use google as spell check. I’m just sayin……….

  43. olmon says:

    That stuff has been going on for as long as I can remember & I’m sure even before that. – – When I was a student @ CS in the 60s, it was common knowledge that one of the male teachers had affairs with numerous female students, including one FE student from Ireland, also that one of the school administrators had been caught more then once with a female student in his office stretched across his desk and even one female teacher that ‘dated’ students, (that is multiple.) I’m sure the same scenario has been repeated across the country in almost every school system. There is also the case of certain law-enforcement officers who ‘excused’ traffic violations for ‘favors’. Again, common knowledge at the time.

  44. olmon says:

    @ CSGeaduate – – I bet I can guess who you are thinking about – – –

  45. Charlie Towns says:

    Would someone with some knowledge of the actual law (not what you heard or think, but what you know and have seen in black and white) clarify what the age of consent is? A quick Google search of the subject states Michigan is 16. I guess that is wrong if he is charged but can anyone who has seen the law in black and white tell me what the age is?
    I cannot believe what I just read “This is just as much the girls fault as it is the teachers. Think of how young teenage girls, dress, act etc…obviously that led them to this situation…” IF the charges (again IF) are true then no it is NOT the girl’s fault. IF it is true he was in a position of power and he used his position given to him by the school to meet and develop e this relationship. My tax dollars go to the teachers to educate our kids, not to “hook-up” with them.

  46. Charlie Towns says:

    In the summer of 2010 I went to a sexual assault conference put on by the Army in Garmish Germany. It was designed to give us more information about the problem that is growing in the civilian and military sectors of our society. They flew in the suits from Washington. We studied data from college studies, police statistics, National crime data, Department of Defense, and Department of the Army Data, and about every study and source of data you could think of. By the end of the week we covered a lot of ground on the issue. It was very informative. IF and again I say IF this is true, then it would be very consistent with the profile of a predator for him to be liked and for no one to believe it. The predator will count on the fact that people will say “no not him!!! There is no way”.

  47. Charlie Towns says:

    Many predators will take it a step further and target people they know will be easily dis-credited. For example a college male predator might target someone who is rumored to be sexually promiscuous. After the fact they will count on the fact people will say “well she wanted it, look at how she is.” That is why statements like “think how young teenage girls dress” are so damaging. They shift the blame to the victim and in many cases let the predator off, because people buy into the hype. With that said, this does not mean his is guilty, and I hope he is not. I would like to think this would not happen in my home. I can say that I honestly hope all this is not true. But at the very least he is guilty of poor judgment if he met the girl outside of school on his own. We all know what kind of society we live in.

  48. Charlie Towns says:

    I work in the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). They teach us when dealing with students to NEVER deal with them alone, there always MUST be someone else there as a witness. This is done so that a situation of he said she said can never develop. If he did meet with her outside of the School by himself what was he thinking? If it was to give her some kind of help with study or developed her in an educational way, he should have had someone else there. If he did then an accusation would have easily been dismissed. I know that is Army rules and does not apply to the Civilian sector, but really it is common sense. If he is not guilty, and assuming the courts do not find him guilty anyway (which happens more than you would think) his reputation may still be tarnished beyond repair. If he met with her alone he just put his very freedom in the hands of a jury, and now all he can do is hope.

  49. Charlie Towns says:

    To the woman who is thinking of pulling your girls out of Cedar. Where are you going to send them? This happens EVERYWHERE!!! Just because you do not hear about it does not mean it is not being swept under the rug. I would trust my girls in Cedar High school before I trusted them in any University or College in this country. This happens all the time in Colleges and University’s but the administration covers it up because they are scared it will affect enrollment. I have seen the studies trust me! The Campus police work for the University, they answer to the University. What University is going to let out this type of thing happens, Answer NONE of them. Case and point Penn State. Joe Paterno reported it to the University authorities. He knew better than to go to the Civilian police, because if it got out he would lose his job. And look what the University did, they swept it under the rug and hoped it would go away.

  50. Charlie Towns says:

    They did not want it to affect enrollment which brings in dollars. Look at what happened when everything came out, everyone lost their job. They knew it would happen whenever it came out that is why they covered it up. The same thing happens with rape and all other types of sex crimes. This is not just Penn State, it happens EVERYWHERE the universities are pro’s at making these little “problems” go away. But in Cedar and most high schools for that matter the dollars are there no matter what. So there is no incentive to sweep it under the rug, I honestly believe your girls are safer there than a lot of other places. The only way to ensure your girls are 100% safe is to educate them on how not to be a victim. Moving them will not help, but being a good parent will. I am sure you are already teaching them what they need to know.


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