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Teacher arrested on CSC charges

Teacher Jon Jungkind was arrested on CSC charges Tuesday involving a student.

A popular Cedar Springs High School teacher is facing criminal sexual conduct charges involving a student.
Jon Eric Jungkind, 44, of Cedar Springs, was arraigned Wednesday, November 30, on two charges of criminal sexual conduct third degree involving a minor student.
According to the Kent County Sheriff Department, they received information on November 23 about a possible sexual relationship between a teacher at the Cedar Springs High School and his 17-year-old student. The victim told police she had sexual intercourse on two separate occasions this summer with Jungkind, who was her chemistry teacher. The incidents allegedly happened at his home in Nelson Township.
Jungkind’s bond is set at $10,000 (10 percent) with the stipulation that he cannot reside within 10 miles of the Cedar Springs while his case is pending.
According to a press release from Cedar Springs Superintendent Ron McDermed, the allegations against the teacher involve one victim, and do not appear to involve any other students in the district. He said that if parents have any concerns about their student’s interactions with Jungkind, they should call a school administrator or the police department.
“The school district has been proactive, working cooperatively with the Kent County Sheriff’s department in the investigation, and will continue to do so,” said McDermed. He said the school district has also initiated its own investigation.
Jungkind has taught at Cedar Springs since August 2003. He taught general chemistry, AP chemistry, the science of science fiction, and physics. He was also chair of the science department, and involved as an advisor in some student clubs, such as National Honor Society, and the Eco-club.
He is currently on administrative leave from his teaching position.

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61 Responses to “Teacher arrested on CSC charges”

  1. Charlie Towns says:

    Admin sorry I was not trying to spam. At one point I know that you could only post 1000 characters. I do not see that on here anymore. I feel as though I do have more of an understanding of this type of thing than the average person, so I wanted to ensure my points got across and heard. I tried to go by the old standard. If it is no longer a requirement please combined my post.

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks, Charlie, for your comments.
    We want to remind everyone, because we know that this is an emotional and explosive issue, that comments must abide by the website guidelines, found at http://cedarspringspost.com/comment-guidelines/. Although many say they know who the victim is, we will not be releasing the student’s name. That is standard practice in this type of situation. Any posts using the student’s name will be deleted.

  3. Anon. says:

    Seeings how the kent county sheriffs department railroads people and falsely accuses people, you cant always beleive these types of things. People lie to get themselves out of trouble or get attention. And the way kent county deals with false accusations is ridiculous. Its not innocent until proven guilty, its guilty until proven innocent.

  4. CSparent says:

    How sad! Let’s remember he was 44 and the girl was 17. That’s a 27 year span. Yes,some girls dress inappropritely. The dress code should be better enforced. What happened on putting a little blame on the parents? As far as the teacher, I know the school will do the right thing. I think Cedar Springs does a fine job in educating their students!

  5. CS Mom says:

    Wow….sorry to see this happen in Cedar but unfortunately I’m sure it goes on more places than we can imagine. Everyone has an opinion, which they have a right to, and I’m not sure anyone is really interested in mine but……just gotta say that whoever blames Cedar Springs Schools for this is nuts. I’ll bet you’d be another one to sue Mickey D’s for the piping hot coffee YOU spilled in YOUR lap! The guy and the girl are responsible for this…they both knew it was wrong I’m sure…..is the school supposed to babysit everyone that enters their doors? It’s really sad, plain and simple. I’ve been really happy w/ the job the school has done w/ my 2 kids and ya know what….there’s freaks in every small town, they all have their own problems…so good luck if you’re moving out due to this or any other things going on around here….it’s only a matter of time before you find the same kind of things in the next town. Unfortunately we can’t protect our kids all the time, you just have to bring them up right and give them the skills to deal w/ all kinds of situations they’ll come up against.

  6. csgraduate08 says:

    I’m truly astonished and saddened by how many people who have posted on here are accusing the minor of being the guilty party. Regardless of the fact that it was allegedly consensual, it’s still statutory rape. Mr. Jungkind has a responsibility as a teacher to make the right decisions by his students and this was clearly a huge misjudgment on his part. Being an adult, he knows the consequences of having a sexual relationship with someone underage. My heart goes out to this girl who will undoubtedly be harassed for the rest of her high school career.

  7. andreacoffee says:

    Mr. J was the best teacher in the world. He does not deserve this kind of punishment. He was a great person. He was funny, nice, big hearted and very caring. All you haters need to stop saying all the bad stuff. People make mistakes!!!! I will miss you Mr. J!

  8. Charlie Towns says:

    After having read more on this. I do think it is kinda a raw deal that he is only accused and can not at least go back to his house. 10 miles outside the district (the order from the judge) is stupid I think. I mean you already have convicted sex offenders living in the district. He is only accused and can not live in it?? They should have just told him to have no contact with any of his students, or not to go near the school.

  9. cs student says:

    well i am shocked by this and i cant belive he would do such a thing he was a great teacher but now i am kinda worried about anyone else he has had contact with

  10. csgraduate03 says:

    I’m appalled by some of the replies that I just read. “YES, some girls dress inappropriately. The dress code should be better inforced…” Even though it was consensual he was the adult and she wasn’t finished with high school. It was his responsibility to maintain a professional approach with students and a line should have been drawn.

  11. csparent says:

    IF it’s true, the blame lies completely on Mr. J. The law is the law, and he knew the law before he made his choice! Popularity should not have anything to do with it. He is an adult in a position of authority. It is his responsibility to not put himself in compromising positions and if he finds himself in one to walk away. She is a young, messed up, hormonal teenage girl. He is a educated, seasoned adult with responsibilities and commitments to educate young people not take advantage of them!!!


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