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Archive | November, 2011

Two arrested in wire theft

Two men were arrested last weekend after they were caught stealing scrap wire from a local business.
The theft happened at T.D. Johnson Enterprises, at W. Maple and 2nd Street in Cedar Springs, early Saturday morning, November 12. The owner, Brad Johnson, got an anonymous tip that someone planned to hit the shop at 4 a.m., so he and his girlfriend, Amanda Blair, staked out the place and waited for them to show up.
Blair said that the suspects showed up about 3:50 a.m. and began to steal wire, so they called 9-1-1 and waited for police. The suspects ran when they saw the lights from the police car. According to Cedar Springs Police Sgt. Ed Good, Officer Mike Stahl chased the suspects. Both Rockford Police and the Kent County Sheriff Department arrived as backup. The suspects, a 30-year-old Sparta man and a 24-year-old Cedar Springs man, were caught, made to unload the wire, and taken to the Kent County jail.
Both men bonded out, and had not yet been arraigned at press time. Their names are being withheld pending arraignment.

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Community Alerts

In an effort to communicate with residents about crimes and events that can impact their lives, The Kent County Sheriff’s Office is offering a new service.  Community Alerts is a free service that allows citizens to register for e-mail and text messages from the Sheriff’s Office. Through this free service, participants can receive information about crimes, scams, and other situations so that they can be more vigilant and prepared. Messages can range from wanted persons, to crime patterns, to traffic situations to avoid.
You can register for Kent County Community Alerts by going to https://www.accesskent.com/CommAlerts/.
Or by going to the Sheriff’s Department webpage at http://www.accesskent.com/CourtsAndLawEnforcement/SheriffsDepartment/sheriff_index.htm and clicking on the online service: Community Alerts.
Once there, register your name, address, e-mail, text provider and the township(s) that you would like to receive information about.
“The Kent County Sheriff’s Office believes in partnering with its citizens to prevent and solve crime,” says Undersheriff Jon Hess. “Community Alerts, along with their crime mapping at crimereports.com, is a dual approach to keeping citizens informed, aware and prepared.”

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Library fundraiser tops expectations

Kids had a great time at the spaghetti fundraiser with author Amanda Litz, face painting, and free ice cream.

The Cedar Springs Public Library and Big Boy partnered last Thursday, Nov. 10, for the first all you can eat spaghetti buffet dinner to help raise funds for a new library. What happened was way above their expectations.
According to Librarian Donna Clark, they hoped to sell 50 tickets. They sold 200, which gave the library $500. But with the extra donations people gave, the grand total raised was $5,876.74!
“I am still walking on air after one of the best times I have had in recent times,” said Clark. “I so loved that Thursday evening, spent with our Library supporters old and new. It was like a Thanksgiving dinner, where you invite your whole family to come, though in this case, it was the whole community—eating, laughing, talking and giving. It is so bonding to gather around a shared vision and a meal, to remember who we are and what we can do when we put our heads and our dollars together.”
The library was recently offered the opportunity to obtain a $50,000 matching grant from an anonymous donor. Whatever they raise by the end of 2012 is what will be matched, up to $50,000. The first fundraising meeting is set for tonight, November 17, at Cedar Springs Middle School, at 7 p.m. in the upper floor large meeting room. Everyone is welcome.

Librarian Donna Clark is shown here with the Big Boy staff that helped organize and serve the spaghetti dinner.

One fundraiser is already planned—a used formal dress sale on January 7. Donate your gently used formal wear and they will give you a $50 tax deduction for every short dress and a $100 tax deduction for every long dress that you donate between now and January 6. Drop off dresses to Cedar Springs City Hall during normal business hours. All short dresses will be sold for $20 and all long dresses will be sold for $35 on January 7, at Cedar Springs High School. Dresses must be clean and on a hanger. Call Chris Burns at 788-8945 or Linda Lehman at 970-1368 with questions. All proceeds benefit the Library Fund Raising Campaign.

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Kent City man killed in crash

A 22-year-old man was killed last Friday morning, November 11, when his pickup truck veered off the road and hit a tree.
According to the Kent County Sheriff Department, Kyle Anthony Nota, of Casnovia, was traveling west on 17 Mile Road near Tyrone Avenue about 1 a.m. when the accident occurred. Nota was pronounced dead at the scene.
According to the Kent County Sheriff Department, it appeared Nota swerved to avoid hitting a deer and went off the road. He is the second man to be killed in this type of accident in the last couple of weeks.
On October 28, a Solon Township man also died in a car-deer accident. According to the Kent County Sheriff Department, Randall Scott Thomas, 48, of Solon Township, was driving a 2005 Caravan north on Pine Island Drive about 4 a.m. in Algoma Township, when he hit a deer just north of Rector. Police said that after striking the deer, Thomas appears to have lost control of the vehicle. He veered off the west side of the road and struck a tree, which caused the fatal injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Police search for shooting suspect

Greenville police are searching for the person that shot a man in his hotel room at the Flat River Inn & Suites last Saturday, November 12.
According to the Greenville Department of Public Safety, officers responded to the crime scene at 1104 W. Washington Street, about 12:20 a.m. November 12.  They found that Frederick Neal, 24, of Grand Rapids, had been shot multiple times. Witnesses in the hotel room were unable to give police any information that would help identify the shooter.
The victim was transported by Montcalm County EMS to Spectrum Health United and later flown to Butterworth in critical condition.
Officers were assisted by the Montcalm County Sheriff Department.
Anyone with info is requested to call the Greenville Department of Public Safety at (616) 754-9161 or Silent Observer at (866) 774-2345.

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Police search for bank robber

The Greenville Department of Public Safety and the FBI is still searching for the man that robbed Huntington Bank in Greenville last week.
According to police, it happened about 10:34 a.m. Wednesday, November 9. The male suspect is described as 6-foot to 6-foot 3 inches, medium build wearing light colored blue jeans, black shoes, blue coat with black and white stripes in a plaid pattern, blue knit mask with no holes visible, and a dark winter type cap with flaps.  The suspect produced a dark colored hand gun and left the bank in an easterly direction on foot. He got away with an undisclosed amount of money.
If you have information, call  (616) 754-9161.

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An American Heritage

Pastor Jim Howard,
First Baptist Church
233 S. Main, Cedar Springs

Over the years I have come to appreciate the time that I spent with my grandparents as a small child and then as a young adult. I have many precious memories of the things that were said and the things that were done. It has been said that certain smells or odors will bring back the most vivid of memories, and I believe that it is true.
I recall as a small child going to grandma and grandpa’s dairy farm when I was just knee high to a grasshopper. It was during the winter, and in those days the snow seemed to be so much deeper than what we get today. I had gotten up early with grandpa to go out and do the milking. As we left the house by way of the garage I can remember the sound of the screen door slamming behind us, and then watching as grandpa struggled with the storm door as he pushed the snow in getting it open. Imagine my glee as a small child when I saw all that beautiful white snow.
Grandpa stepped out and headed for the barn calling for me to follow. I took two steps and suddenly realized that I could go no further. I was trying to step into the tracks left by my grandpa, but his steps were too far apart for me to follow. Several yards from the garage, grandpa looked back and realized my dilemma. He immediately came back and began taking much smaller steps in order for me to follow. It took grandpa twice as long to reach the barn, and I have never forgotten that experience or that lesson.
My grandpa left me a heritage of experiences and memories that will last my whole life. Whether he knew it or not, he was teaching that young lad lessons that would be passed on from generation to generation.
Timothy (2 Tim. 3: 14-17) was another who did not forget his heritage. The Apostle Paul praised Timothy for continuing in the faith, for taking to heart the lessons learned as a child and then in turn, sharing those lessons and experiences with others.
Many of you who are reading these words are already reminiscing about your own experiences with parents and grandparents. The lessons learned at the knee of someone respected and honored will stay with you your entire life through.
The substance of that heritage and the truth of the Word must also be shared with the younger generation. The children and young people of our communities are growing up without an accurate understanding of what life is all about. The end result of the instruction received by Timothy from his mother (Eunice) and his grandmother (Lois) was wisdom and salvation (2 Tim. 3: 15b). Knowledge is not synonymous with wisdom. Knowing your Bible is not enough! It requires faith in the God of the Bible (Eph. 2:8-9)!
The accumulation of head knowledge will mean very little without the practical application process. Children learn very early the difference between sincerity and hypocrisy. Teach how to live and live what you teach!
Being a parent and grandparent is one of the greatest privileges on earth. What a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to train the next generation of leaders. Don’t abdicate your privilege. Dare to make a difference just as Eunice and Lois did!

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Help with the missing pieces

by Ronnie McBrayer

I love puzzles. Crosswords, brainteasers, and search-a-words; but nothing beats an old fashioned jigsaw puzzle with about gazillion pieces spilling out of the box. Right now there is a monster-sized puzzle strewn across our family’s dining room table. I have been persistently working on it for so long that I can’t remember the last evening we ate dinner at the table.
My family has learned not to monkey around with me while I am hip-deep in puzzle solving. Yes, assist me—I’ll take all that I can get—but don’t walk by and offer advice or a litany of critiques unless you are willing to give the pieces a try yourself. Time, patience, and the right kind of help: these are the requirements for solving puzzles, even puzzles of faith; because sometimes the puzzle doesn’t match the box we were given. Sometimes the pieces don’t fit together at all.
I’ve met a legion of people who begin their walk of faith and everything goes as it “should.” They go to church, learn stuff from the Bible, volunteer, serve, give, and become “productive, committed, faithful, Christians,” whatever that is supposed to mean. But then these good soldiers go through a divorce; or they are mistreated by a religious organization, or lose their career. Maybe their child gets sick or their spouse dies.
The result is much more than the proverbial crisis of faith; I have one of those every Monday morning. No, it is much deeper, more life-altering and foundation-shaking than that. The answers they used to rely upon, the faith that formerly sustained them, no longer works. The fitly-paired pieces of the puzzle go scattering in the wind.
What is the answer to these miss-fitted and missing pieces puzzles of life and faith? Time, patience, and a little help. Time and patience to keep working it out and to sift through the prefabricated pictures of what life once promised. Time and patience to ask dangerous questions and to listen for unexpected responses. Time and patience to curse, pray, cry, heal, and hopefully come through on the other side, even if a few pieces to the puzzle are never found.
So, if a friend is stuck trying to solve their puzzle, offer the right kind of help. Quietly sit down with them and dig in. Patiently sort through the pieces, and help put it together, whatever “it” turns out to be.

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Gordon Henry Sheller

April 16, 1936 – November 18, 2010

There are lots of husbands in the world
But now and then you see
One who kind of sets the style
Of what husbands ought to be

One whose special qualities
Make him stand out in the crowd
And whose kindness to his family
Makes them awfully pleased and proud

And Honey, I feel happier
Than I ever hoped to be
Cause the nicest man in all the world
Is the one who married me!

Love your wife, Sharon

Sad are the hearts that loved you,
silent the tears that fall.
Living our lives without you,
is the hardest part of all.
You did so many things for us,
your heart was kind and true.
And when we needed someone
we could always count on you.
The happy years will not return,
when we were all together, but
with the love within our hearts
you’ll walk with us forever.
So, if we could have a lifetime wish
a dream that would come true,
we’d pray to God with all our hearts
for yesterday with you.
A thousand words can’t bring you back,
we know because we’ve tried,
and neither will a million tears,
we know because we’ve cried.
You left behind our broken hearts
and happy memories too.
We treasure all these memories,
but wish we still had you.

With love from your family,
Sharon, Debbie, Dutch, Mike, Amanda
Monica, Gregory, Heather, Christopher, Joshua, Jordan
Nathaniel, Zachary, Mackenzie and Adilyn-Grace

We are gonna love you forever and ever…. AMEN.

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Corine Dines

September 10, 1957 – November 15, 2009

Corine, “You are the apple of God’s eye”
May the road rise to meet you,
may the wind be always at your back,
may the sun shine warm on your face,
the rain fall softly on your fields;
and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Gone, but never forgotten, and deeply missed by:
Rodney Dines, Sr.,
Randy, April, Aliyah & Kylee Dines,
Rodney Dines, Jr., & Katie
Brenden, Kadrian, Jackson, Conner, & Tucker Dines

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