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Humor and Lou Gehrig’s?

By Kris Galle

Kris Galle, age 70, of Cedar Springs, has ALS—better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Kris has been writing about what she is going through—but with a touch of humor. Her sister Sidney Prater brought in some of what she has written in hopes it will bring a smile to the face of others who are caring for a family member.

Morphine and Corvettes, Saturday, July 30, 2011

When I email my mother every morning, we both hope for something more than a mundane day. I finally had it yesterday (Friday), my quiet day. We woke up to no power and very high temps and humidity. Pastor Mary was coming to visit and my sister Sid. We had plans for lunch with the Murrays and VandenElsts in town, then back here to visit.
With no power, there are obviously no fans. Not just fans, but no air and no pump. So, very warm, no air, company coming and unflushable toilets. Electric came back on in the early afternoon. I have trouble breathing with the high humidity so had a dose of morphine, which opens the lungs, and made myself comfortable on the sofa. Almost immediately Eric and Ethan appeared. They had “borrowed” a $70,000 shiny black 2011 convertible Corvette. Eric told the dealer that his mother was sick and he wanted to take me for a ride. And they let him take it.
Full of morphine, I jumped (fell) into the bucket seat and we reached 80 mph before the corner. It’s worth mentioning that the speedometer goes to 210. I couldn’t say I felt the wind in my hair since I left the wig at home and just enjoyed the ride.
For those of you having a mundane day, a dose of morphine and a Corvette ride can turn things around in a hurry. When Ethan was little he told me he would buy me a Lamborghini some day. He says a ride in a sports car is probably as close as we’d both get. I love them for thinking about me. That concludes “quiet” Friday.

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