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Two more reasons to eat local

The Post has challenged readers the last two weeks to try some of our local farms and farm markets, in a quest to eat local.  We’ve given you four good reasons to try it out, and this week we’ll give you two more.

Reason #1: Taste the difference.

At a farmers’ market, most local produce has been picked inside of 24 hours. It comes to you ripe, fresh, and with its full flavor, unlike supermarket food that may have been picked weeks or months before.

Reason #2: Know what you are eating.

Buying food today is complicated. What pesticides were used? Is that corn genetically modified? Was that chicken free range or did it grow up in a box? People who eat locally find it easier to get answers. Many build relationships with farmers whom they trust.

Reason #3: Meet your neighbors.

Local eating is social. Studies show that people shopping at farmers’ markets have 10 times more conversations than their counterparts at the supermarket. Reason #4: Get in touch with the seasons.

When you eat locally, you eat what’s in season. You’ll remember that cherries are the taste of summer. Even in winter, comfort foods like squash soup and pancakes just make sense–a lot more sense than flavorless cherries from the other side of the world.

Reason #5: Discover new flavors.

Count the types of blueberries offered at your supermarket. Did you know that Michigan has over 20 varieties? You’ll probably only find one type in the grocery store. And what about lettuce, cucumbers, onion, peppers and squash? There is sure to be several types you haven’t tried, but can find at the farmer’s market.

Reason #6: Explore your home.

Visiting local farms is a way to be a tourist on your own home turf, with plenty of stops for snacks.
(Info from www.100milediet.org.)

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