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Fathers and business

Four businessmen were sitting in a hospital waiting room because their wives were having babies.
A nurse comes out and says to the first businessman, “Congratulations! Your wife had one baby.”
The man says, “What a coincidence! I’m the president of One-stop home improvement!”
The nurse goes away for awhile, and then comes back and says to the second businessman, “Congratulations! Your wife had twins!”
“What a coincidence!” says the man. “I’m the owner of the Minnesota Twins!”
The nurse goes away again, and then comes back and says to the third businessman, “Congratulations! Your wife had triplets!”
“Wow!” the man says, “What a coincidence! I work for Triple AAA!”
The nurse turns to leave the room and hears a muffled sob in the corner. She turns and sees the fourth businessman rocking back and forth in his chair crying.
“What’s wrong?” she asks. “Why are you crying?”
The man stares at her with red-rimmed eyes and wails, “I work for Seven Up!”

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