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Drug dealer robbed

Allan McKay

An 18-year-old Cedar Springs man was robbed Wednesday evening when he met four other teens on the White Pine Trail to complete a drug deal.
Officer Paul Feutz responded to a call of an armed robbery that occurred Friday night, April 13 at 9:25 p.m. Little did he know at that time that he would eventually charge those involved in addition to arresting the victim who reported the crime.
The 18 year old victim, Allan McKay, first reported that a group of men assaulted him with boards and bottles while on the White Pine Trail behind Vanderhyde Ford. Officer Feutz did not see signs of an assault and there was no need for medical assistance. The victim told the officer that they took $120.00 dollars from him. The victim knew some of the young men by first

Cordeil Boyce-Burden

name only.

At first those interviewed denied even being on the trail. Follow-up interviews resulted in Officer Feutz getting to the truth, with the group admitting they set up McKay to come deliver drugs, with the intention of stealing his marijuana. Those involved admitted they swung at McKay, acting like they wanted to hit him, and then chased him on the trail until he fell into the brush filled ditch. He then gave up his marijuana to avoid being harmed.
Allan McKay eventually admitted that this was in fact what took place. He was mad and called the police. Unfortunately for him, he was living with a female friend who had filed a police report against him. In that case a “Bond

Austin Mosher

Conditional Release” was issued, ordering that he have no contact with this victim. Officer Feutz arrested and lodged him in jail.

The robbery investigation was reviewed by the Prosecutor’s Office and resulted in charging three young men, ages 17, 18 and 19, and one juvenile, age 15, with a 10 year felony, “larceny from a person.” All of the suspects involved live in the City of Cedar Springs.
Arrested were Cordeil Lea Boyce-Burden, 18, Austin Lee Mosher, 19, and Brandon Clay Bates, 17. Boyce-Burden and Mosher were arraigned in 63rd District Court Monday. They were given a preliminary hearing date of May 3 at 3:30 p.m., and bond was set at $5,000 cash/surety. Bates was set to appear

Brandon Bates

in court Wednesday.

Allan McKay was brought before the judge and was given a $300.00 cash bond for violating his “Bond Conditional Release” order. According to Chief Parent, he was not charged with a drug-related offense because no evidence of the drug was found, and he was already headed to court on three other unrelated charges.

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37 Responses to “Drug dealer robbed”

  1. Miss Magoo says:

    What a class act.
    20 bucks says they all live in the 18 mile park.

  2. Charlie Towns says:

    Maybe he will learn not to deal drugs. I have to laugh at this one, calling the cops because your drug deal went bad ha ha ha…. That is about as funny as when burger king was robbed in the mid 1990’s and the robbers car ran out of gas… lol.

  3. Badain says:

    Wow, dont people grow some brains and learn not to deal drugs! Keep our streets clean, and get rid of dumbasses!

  4. tim corwin says:

    actually none of them do so dont talk about the trailer park like its the worst place in the world…some people have no choice but to live there because of their finacial situation

  5. Ms. VerDuin says:

    What I find funny is that the drug dealer didn’t get charged with possession with intent to deliver or any other offense. He was only arrested because he broke the conditions of a previous bond release.

  6. Well since allan is my brother i have to stick up for him. Yea he was dealing drugs but there is no right for people to try to jump him like that. If it was diffrent he did the right thing to call the cops but did the wrong thing going to his x girl friends to call them. I know drug dealing and drugs are not good at all but really people do it and there really is nothing anyone can do to stop it. I mean really i think we all proly know someone who does them but No one calls to repeort it. Its just one thing in life that we all got to deal with…

  7. tori smolka says:

    some people have to sell drugs to make money… but calling the cops because the drug deal went bad hahaha wow thats some funny stuff

  8. john cowles says:

    the thing is…is that its not the first time its happened and wont be the last who in the there right mind calls the cops cuz his drug deal went bad i mean come on that is the risk you take when ur ah drug dealer if you dnt want it to happen stop sellin drugs it happends to ah lot of ppl i think if you want money get up and go look for ah job there is no excuse to why you cant work!!!!!!! and tim ur right ah lot of ppl have no choice but to life in the trailer park

  9. Mickeymouse says:

    The Allen McKay person should be the one in jail, he was trafficking drugs. It should not matter the age of the individuals they are all at fault. We are not a perfect world by any means, but their is more to this story then this McKay character is saying, and to me he sounds like he just wants to cry wolf, and not be in trouble.

    And the other person who is talking about the trailer park being the place of the drugs, well think again, many places have people that are their neighbors who do drugs and sell them. You do not need to live in a trailer park to sell drugs. Just think the next time you talk with your neighbor, maybe she or he is a dealer.

  10. Greg kurylowicz says:

    As for Miss Magoo i have lived in the trailer park for many years however I can show you where drugs are sold outside the Trailer Park. You are the type that thinks a person lives in a trailer park are all trash well I am not I am on the board of director of legal aide I am also a volunteer with another organzation. I am also sick entire of people like you who thinks they are above other who can judge and put a bad name on places

  11. tori smolka says:

    well greg… if i may call u that… by using the words “people like you” is verry rasist. and i dont have to be on the board of directors to point that one out… anyway everyone does bad things its if u get cought that matters… allan should NOT have been dealing, but noone had any right to jump him!

  12. Charlie Towns says:

    Living in the trailer park does not make you scum. There is scum all over, and good people all over. My question is what was Mr. McKay thinking when he called the police? Did he think that the people he told on would not roll over on him when the police showed up to arrest them? Did he think they would just go along with his story of how he was just minding his own bussiness and they jumped him? Or was he scared they would do it again so telling on them was better than the alternative of another assult? It would be interesting if we could see what was in the court transcripts.

  13. RedHawk53 says:

    Stereo types are based off truth, yes? The trailer park is littered with sexual offenders and drug dealers… And with them meeting so close to that park, its not a far stretch to imagine their from there. I do feel bad for the few with poor financial situations who end up there, but a quick glance through there, sums up why its known as ‘the ghetto park’.

    And yes Brit, we can stop drug dealers. Call them in. It’s illegal. And jail is a good place for them. No, people do not need to do it for a living, McDonalds is always hiring. For those assuming that its a form of needed income, how would you feel if someone just broke into your home and took your money and belongings, because its a source of income.

    Safe assumptions, and elementary people. That or, just set up a Subway robbery, ha!

  14. Bulldogs says:

    Wow. This is a great image for Cedar Springs. Drug deals and robberies. Way to represent this great town boys. Why not do something positive with your lives and strive for something greater than selling/buying drugs? You’ll be amazed at the results if you try.

  15. Laugh says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That so funny! Pretty much all them guys are all stupid as [edited]!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ahaha well let’s see, Allan can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. He always gets into fights, beats women, and deals/uses drugs. I don’t know Cordeil, but I’ve seen him hanging out with this bad crowd. Austin Mosher is an open white supremacist that, in my opinion, deserved to get in trouble. And also, I’m not familiar with the last individual involved. All I know is that I’m not surprised in the least bit by any of this, and am actually glad to see them going to court.

  17. well red hawk, you really cant stop them shure you can call but garented they wont be in jail verry long. and when they get out they will do it all over again. to me i would rather have murders and sex affenders and rapists in jail and in prison cause at least they are actually harmimg someone. selling drugs and doing drugs your not harming anyone except yourself. yea i would be really mad if someone robed my house but things happen life moves on. but i dont see anyone doing that.

  18. Mickeymouse says:

    I think no-one should judge this story until ALL of the truth is out, and not what McKay is saying. There is more to this story, then his. Life is not always full of crime and bull___, but we all are not perfect and we all have an asshole, so before anyone judges why the stuff was(so called) stolen, just maybe think before you speak and think of all the times you were in trouble. And another thing is, just maybe McKay is purely lying because he was all ready in trouble when he went to his “X”‘s. So give that thought!! And some times we have mistakes we would all like to forget, but these kids are going down a wrong road, and they need a different light to follow, and just maybe for some it could turn them around.But remember they are kids.

  19. Alisha McKie says:

    Hey Allan, if u had $120 why do i still have $0 on my childsupport card??? Hmm Oh well today u turn 18, ur basically going to be in jail forever now good choice!!!!!!! 🙂

  20. Mark Foley says:

    This story clearly falls into the “Dumb Crook News” category…time to clean the gene pool….

  21. white supremacist says:

    well you guys need to just keep your mouth shut and need to stop judging people every one is influenced buy the people that they hang around with and some times the good friends people had abandon them when they moved some where else and that is the only people that they can fall back on that’s all you guys can do is talk bad about them on the computer but i bet you any of you guys wont say it to there face so if you got some thing to say tell them to there face i bet you wont like what they say back so keep your opinions to your self

  22. john says:

    WOW, really you people are just not right. do you all know that drugs just do not make you smart or get you that good job that you have always wanted, but hey that is the path of life they have walked down, an some people like to live that way and some do not.

  23. RedHawk53 says:

    Haha, I just love the spelling on here. Because spelling, and grammar, are indeed a reflection of intelligence, perhaps dealing drugs is the only job some can get.

    And Britt, jail is indeed for the crimes not against humanity. Prison is were the offenders and repeats go. Jail, is like a time out. Some people learn from it, most are mentally challenged children who will end up there multiple times. So stop making excuses and help your brother get on the right track.

    I’m so happy I don’t live in that town, it seems to be going downhill fast. Good luck!

  24. Charlie Towns says:

    @ White Supremacist it is true that people are influenced who they hang around. At at what point should people take responsibility for themselves and hang around other people? If a man goes out and commits murder can he tell the court it was because of the people he hung around? He probably could, and people do, but at the end of the day there is a point where everyone is accountable for their own actions. If people that one hangs around are so destructive in their influence they someone should A: find new friends, or B: If no new friends can be found who are good influences don’t hang out with anyone.

  25. Charlie Towns says:

    Red Hawk. I think I read this in another blog on here. No spelling does not reflect intelligence. It reflects education, now granted alot of intelligent people are educated. Not all educated people are intelligent. There are some who are intelligent but not educated. The perps appear to be not educated or intelligent in this case so your statement is not as false when directed at them. Thomas Edison had very little education I am sure he was not the best speller, but he was very intelligent.

  26. RedHawk53 says:

    Very good point sir. I stand corrected, and respect your post.

  27. tim corwin says:

    i dont know who you are mickeymouse but i dont have an asshole i sold it to the devil

  28. Administrator says:

    Note to everyone: We welcome your comments, but please remember to follow the guidelines. Keep it civil. No profanity, no personal attacks. Stick to the issue. As much as you may want to, a newspaper website is no place to air dirty laundry about each other’s lives. We have rejected some posts because of these issues.

  29. Alisha Mckie says:

    Maybe the police department shouldnt keep putting allan out on bail, he has been in jail 3/4 times this year for the same stuff, he broke a girls jaw.. come on why r u letting people get away with this?

  30. Amber Nicoll says:

    by the way guys (allan, cordeil, austin, and brandon) still think it was a good idea?

  31. Amber Nicoll says:

    they need to stop letting him out, he just got out a couple weeks ago and im prety sure hes back in jail now

  32. Alisha Mckie says:

    Yes I agree with Amber, hes constantly in and out of jail, he doesnt pay child support hint hint maybe u should look into that and give him a reason to be in jail still!

  33. jack says:

    well…….. if i had to say something the post is retarted they should have waited till those boys were actually sentanced before they posted any thing yeah i mean it was wrong they did that but theyre dumb teenagers we all did somthing stoopid in our lifes

  34. Mickeymouse says:

    To Jack,
    Even though the boys did wrong, the Cedar Post truly had no right to put these boy’s names through the mud. And yes the Post should of waited until they had ALL the facts before they jumped, that is journalism for you, write a paper without the true and right facts.
    The POST needs to reiterate there story, and tell the truth, and say the boys are not charged with A Felony!!!!!

  35. Charlie Towns says:

    For those of you who say the facts are not right in the story, could you fill the rest of us in? I do not live in Cedar but am still interested in what goes on there (stationed overseas). What is the real deal with this.

  36. Administrator says:

    The facts we printed are what was given to us by police at the time of the crime. We will follow up with the court, and if charges were dropped or changed because they pled to a lesser offense, we’ll report that, too.

  37. Mickeymouse says:

    Sometimes before you write a paper you need to think of what you are doing, not so much about the person who committed the crime, but the family’s name you are tarnishing. Yes, I do understand the kids did wrong, but the families of these kids did not.
    But in all honestly the paper should get ALL the facts and retract this story, because these boys yes did wrong, but the charges are NOT what the paper put in!!




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