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Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been very good. I would like a new monster truck, lego blocks, and Toy Story 3. Thanks, your friend, Spencer A. 3 yrs old.

Dear Santa Clas,
I would like a baby alive zobols vidyo barby a video camra and 2 stufet animal rander.
Love Madelin

Dear Santa,
I would like a military playset and the truck from Toys R’ Us that goes over dirt, snow and water.
Love Gerald

Dear Santa,
I would like a Santa Cause car, a baby reindeer and reindeer dirt.
Love Garrett Scott

Dear Santa,
I have been very good. I would like Mind-flex dragonoide collasise new supermario bros wii.
Your friend, Nicolas Hernandez
Age 7
Dear santa,
Hope you will like the milk and cookies you’ll get from all the kids and ope I’m on the nice/good list. hopefully I get what i want and the other kids what i want mabe is…

• gautar
• Ds games
• bizerd maker
• Ds game holder

Love Brooke Weeks
Logan Troupe's tree

Dear Santa
May I plee have a pilo pet dopin or unocorn?
Barbie pet dog swim schoole?
horse pant hit? Brir red stabols?
horse vet cit? dog sed and pepper on snavy fun pet set?
Love Taryn

Dear Santa,
May I have my own monster truck, dump truck, croc-block wagon, a dino flashlight or the little people wheelies stand and play? I hope you have a safe trip throughout the world.
Love xoxox
Caden Glenn

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas. I’v tried very hard to be good. Here’s some idea’s of what i’d like for christmas.
• Fashion designing kits
• American girl doll outfits
• embroidery floss
• Build a Bear puppy roller skates and leash

Sincerly, Olivia Branch

letter to santa

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