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Memories of Niels Anderson

I am very sorry to learn of Niel’s passing. Here is my personal tribute to a very good man.
When I came to Cedar Springs City Hall in 1991, Niels was the first person to stop by my office and welcome me to the city. During my 5 year stint in Cedar, Niels was a true mentor and what I appreciated the most was his calming demeanor. We lost a legend. God bless Niels’ family.

Frank Walsh, City Manager
St. Joseph, MI
Cedar Springs City Manager 1992-96

I remember when I first met Niels & Edna, in July 1974. I was fresh out of graduate school and came to Cedar Springs to start the Adult, Community Education and Recreation Program. One of the first challenges I encountered was letting the community know about all the new opportunities available through its school system. I visited The Clipper offices on Main Street to find out what it would cost to have them print our newsletter.  And, as they say, the rest is history.
Niels gave me a price for printing our newsletter. Remember, this was my first encounter with “real world” business prices…I had sticker shock! And then Niels made me a remarkable offer for a small town businessman—he said he’d help save our district money by having me assist with the layout of the newsletter! I had never done anything like this before, but was willing to give it a try. He showed me how to use the typesetter. It printed long strips of words that were then pasted on to big layout sheets. Nothing like computer-generated newspapers of today. I was amazed at the huge machines and detailed work that was hidden behind the front office wall of this wonderful little newspaper! We published many newsletters in this manner until the new school program was well-established and financially secure. I then bowed out and left the printing work to the true experts.
This was the first of many, many generous gestures I witnessed Niels extend to our schools and community. He was a selfless and dedicated community servant. He set the example of a true believer in all that was good and hopeful. His legacy continues…

Lovingly & Respectfully Submitted,
Claudia Mabie, Solon Township

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