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Ghost at the Post?

The building in downtown Cedar Springs that houses the offices of The Cedar Springs Post, is also the site of rumors from years past of a single shadowy figure that sometimes roams the upper corridors of the little local newspaper. Those rumors have resurfaced in this week’s issue. Who is she? Or he?

The building located at 36 E. Maple was once known as The Francis Lee Red Flannel Factory. Over six decades ago, it was filled with the sounds of sewing machines, scissors hard at work and the voices of customers looking for a pair of the “must have” warm red woolens for their winter wardrobe when the October winds blew in cold and snow.

If you travel to the upper level of the Post, you can still see the large nails protruding from the walls with the mark of Medium, or Large above them.

When the October winds blow, and indeed they did this past week, not all the bumps and bangs are of earthly origin. In the evenings, you can literally hear the creaking of steps as if something or someone is approaching.

Is it Mae Oppenneer, the original founder of the Red Flannel Factory? Or even more troubling, could it possibly be one of the Clipper Girls, Grace or Nina coming back to visit the newspaper? Maybe it’s just a ghost that wants some free coverage?

The Post is encouraging children at large on Halloween evening to stop by for a piece of candy and to visit our resident ghost. And be sure to be wearing your “disguise” when you give a friendly wave and hello to The Cedar Springs Ghost!

Happy haunting!

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  1. Trystan says:

    cool!a ghost!




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