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The Traveling Red Flannel pants

From the mitten to the boot

Red Flannel Day New Orleans style

Cedar Springs wasn’t the only town celebrating Red Flannel Day this year. These people celebrated in New Orleans: Douglas Burns (CT), Frank Lucato (NY), Mark Anderson (LA), Kevin Breen (IA), Cole Newton (DC), Nathan Hartmen (TX), Matt Tuggles (TX), Dagny Paul (VA), Matt Meyers (IL), Kristin Saari (MN), Joaleen Carr (GA), Tiffany Johansen (MI).

The town of New Orleans, Louisiana, is known for its parades, Mardi Gras beads and vibrant colors. But this year, on October 2, a new parade came to town—a mini Red Flannel celebration.

The event started with a parade with Red Flannels dancing on sticks, red and white Mardi Gras beads, and a boom box blaring “Red Flannel Pride” (compliments of our hometown band) for all to hear. In attendance were a dozen New Orleanians wearing red and authentic Red Flannels purchased from downtown Cedar Springs. After the parade, items such as Red Flannel cozies, a bottle of Pinot Grisio wine from the Cedar Pub and a “Red Flannel Pride” t-shirt were raffled off. The funds raised were donated to the Cedar Springs Post to help ensure that the local newspaper will be around to be enjoyed for many years to come. In true Red Flannel Day fashion, a community gathering was held at the Garden District Pub, a local favorite, which supported the special day by naming a signature cocktail “The Red Flannel.”

How does a place like New Orleans think to celebrate a day like Red Flannel Day? The answer is simple, says Tiffany Johansen, a 2001 graduate of Cedar Springs High School who now lives in New Orleans and headed up the event. The pride of the pants travels.

Tiffany Johansen and friend

Tiffany Johansen (pictured on left) organized a Red Flannel Day celebration last Saturday in New Orleans.

“We as ‘Cedar Springers’ can’t quite explain why we adore an undergarment with the color of red, which has helped so many to stay warm. But, what we do not have to explain is how the color of red represents the warmth of this community and the pride we feel that travels with us where ever our paths my lead,” she said. “You can’t help but bring a little piece of Red Flannel Pride with you and want to share it with others.”

Tiffany said that while there were 12 people in the parade, representing 11 different states, at least 31 people celebrated with them throughout the day in New Orleans. And that’s not even counting the people who stopped by and asked about all the red out of curiosity.

“It was fun and humorous to see so many of my friends telling the story of Cedar Springs and how it became the Red Flannel town,” remarked Tiffany. “I must have been a good teacher because they all know it by now.”

Tiffany said she was thankful for all the support she received from her friends to celebrate Red Flannel Day. “Though it was not the same as being home and spending time with friends and family, it was special to share this day and the history of my hometown with so many!”

Tiffany can’t help but love Red Flannel Day. “Cedar Springs may be a small town, but it is a unique town with a lot of heart. Whether you grow up in Cedar Springs, move to, work in, or just know about it, you can’t help but admire the Red Flannel underwear and the strong community behind them,” she said. “Happy Red Flannel day from the boot to the mitten!”

The Cedar Springs Post thanks Tiffany for her donation, and for thinking of us!

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One Response to “The Traveling Red Flannel pants”

  1. Joaleen Carr says:

    In New Orleans, there is a reason to celebrate something everyday of the year. People didn’t even look at us strange when they saw 12 folks marching down the street, wearing Red Flannels. Most gave a friendly honk and waved. Tiffany (The Wiffster), had been planning and talking about this day with much anticipation, since last October. I can assure you that all of us are well schooled on the Red Flannel history. It was our pleasure to share this day with our dear friend. Joaleen Carr




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