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Archive | September, 2010

IRS alert to tax exempt groups

According to the Internal Revenue Service , as many as 10,000 small community-based nonprofits in Michigan are in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status due to not filing the required tax returns.

“The loss of this status could greatly impact the organizations’ charitable work and their donors’ potential tax deductions,” said an IRS spokesperson.

Among the organizations that could lose their tax-exempt status are local sports associations and community support groups, volunteer fire and ambulance associations and their auxiliaries, social clubs, educational societies, veterans groups, church-affiliated groups, groups designed to assist those with special needs and a variety of others.

The organizations that are at risk failed to file the required returns for 2007, 2008 and 2009, according to IRS records. The requirement to file is the result of a tax law change that occurred in 2006. For many of these small organizations, complying with the new law may be as simple as completing a 10-minute form online. They can preserve their exempt status under a one-time relief program the IRS announced in July, but only if they file by Oct. 15, 2010.

The IRS said they have made numerous attempts to alert these organizations, but are concerned that many may not have gotten the word. A list of the organizations that were at-risk as of the end of July is posted at IRS.gov along with instructions on how to comply with the new law.

If you are connected with a small nonprofit community group, make sure that your organization is aware of the law change and is in compliance before the October 15 deadline.

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Happy Birthday Greg!

49 & Holding!

If you see “Gregordog” today, wish him a
Happy Birthday for Oct. 6th!!
We love you,
Angela, Chase & Caden VandenBerg

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90 Years Old!! Eloise Covey

Eloise celebrated her 90th birthday Sept. 23rd
at Timbers Restaurant. She enjoyed a nice
meal, and also enjoyed spending time with her
family. She received many nice gifts, and cards,
and ended the evening with cake. She would
also like to say thank you to her friends and
family whom have sent her cards and gifts.
Eloise gives God thanks for her family, and for
her longevity.

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Christiansen- Trussell – Flory

Julie Ann Christiansen-Trussell, a 2002 graduate
of Cedar Springs High School, and Benjamin
Aaron Flory, a 2003 graduate of Sparta High
School, will be united in marriage on October
16, 2010 at the Second Congregational church.
Parents of the Bride are Ms. Sally Christiansen
of Cedar Springs and Dale & Trinn Christiansen
of Grand Rapids. Parents of the Groom are
Donna & Kevin Garvin and Andrew Flory of
Sparta, MI. The Bride’s wedding party includes
maid of honor Tina Ohara (friend), bridesmaid
Janelle Irish (friend) and bridesmaid Betsy
Flory (friend-sister of the groom). The Groom’s
wedding party includes best man Ryan Mey
(friend), groomsman David Flory (brother) and
groomsman Daniel Flory (brother). Flower girl
Lily and ring bearer Clark. The reception will
be held at Douglas Walker Park. The couple
will reside in Grand Rapids.

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“Don’t Worry! Pray!”

I look around and see the beauty of God’s word in our world. Autumn, for

most of us, is a great time of year. The leaves are turning awesome colors and

flowering plants burst forth with one last shot of color before w_ _ _ _ _r. This

time of year causes me to remember that God is control. He’s in control of the

seasons, of everything.

Our world has seen some difficult times these past two years. I have been told

it is not going to get better anytime soon. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I too

have been going through some difficult times as well. But as I look at His Word, I

am reminded of what Paul states in Philippians 3:20-21: “But our citizenship is in

heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by

the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform

our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.” Two things jump out

at me from this verse that I find helpful as we go through these difficult times.

Our citizenship is in heaven. What a concept! We are believers in Christ so we

are citizens of heaven first and to the United States of America second. Heaven is

promised us as believers in Christ. When we pass on we’ll go there, and someday

those remaining will be going about their every day, normal lives and bang, their

ticket will be collected and they will instantly be in heaven.

Jesus has the power to bring everything under His control. This includes my
circumstances and the economical situation we find our country in. This even includes
the elections coming up on November 2. They are all under Jesus’ control. Does that
mean we don’t need to pray and ask Jesus for His help and guidance? No. We still
speak to Him about all things and by doing this we can know He is working on them.
To hear people say that things are going to happen the way they are going
to happen is not right. If that were the case, why did Abraham plead for
those few (10) who were righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah? We can
prayerfully ask for God to change our situations according to His will.
So are you a follower of Christ? Do you believe what Jesus did on the cross was
for your forgiveness? Have you had your ticket validated by the forgiving blood
of Jesus? If you answer yes to these questions, then no matter the situation you
endure, remember that you are a citizen of heaven and everything is under His
control. Take a look at the changing scenery of this season and as you pray, allow
God to give you the serenity you need to be at peace.

Pastor Doug DiBell
Solon Center Wesleyan Church
15671 Algoma Ave, Cedar Springs

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Roger on Main St.

Are my seams straight?

Getting old has a bad rap. Baldness, bad health, indigestion, and achy joints—that’s the picture. I’m experienced in the old-age department and I know those things are part of it. But another bummer is under-appreciated: the older you get, the harder it is to find people who catch on to what you’re talking about.

FDR is one of my heroes, but I’m no admirer of LBJ.

For younger folks: some U.S. presidents, but not all, have been tagged with their initials. Two from decades ago are Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson. (How do you feel about JFK? Will we ever refer routinely to BHO?)

The storage space in my office is like Fibber McGee’s closet.

For younger folks: “Fibber McGee and Molly” was a popular weekly radio program in the 1930s and ‘40s. During every episode, Fibber would say he needed something out of the closet. Molly would yell, “Don’t!” just as Fibber swung open the door. For the next 30 seconds we’d hear the crashing sounds of Fibber’s junk falling out onto the floor. (Hilarious.)
I see a run starting so I’d better cut my toenails. For younger folks: socks and stockings used to be part of the everyday uniform of every man and woman. It was a constant concern for women to keep their stockings unsnagged. A snag resulted in a vertical unraveling, called a “run,” regarded as unsightly. Knit fabrics (such as men’s socks) can still “run,” but nowadays we usually call any such damage a hole. (Those stockings women wore had seams up the back, another constant concern. They tended to slip off to the right or left, prompting the old question at the top.)

Back to the Future

I watched the 1985 movie again and it illustrates how common knowledge changes constantly. (See above.) But I mention the movie mainly because it’s still really fun, 25 years later. (Recommended by me, 4 thumbs up.) That DeLorean car was the perfect vehicle to make Michael J. Fox’s name a household word and him a star.

Help Line

Support: Just call us back if there’s a problem. We’re open 24 hours.”
Customer: “Is that Eastern time?”

This could be true

A woman who was removed from a jury for commenting about the ongoing case on Facebook has a longer writing task ahead: a five-page essay about the constitutional right to a fair trial.
Her response to the judge’s order: “Can I just get the answer from Wikipedia and send it to the inbox on your Facebook page instead?”

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Red Hawks rally to beat Northern

First win ever over FHN

Red Hawk Alex Hemry reaches for a first down. Photo by A. Brumleve.

The Cedar Springs Red Hawks had played Forest Hills Northern 22 times going into last Friday’s game, and had never beaten them. It turned out that game number 23 was the charm. In one of the most emotional rollercoaster football games in recent memory, Cedar defeated Forest Hills Northern 27-19 last Friday night to improve their record to 4-1.

FHN rode the excitement of their homecoming and jumped out to a quick and decisive 13-0 lead in the first quarter. Cedar had put no real resistance up until late in the second quarter when Tyler Baker caught a tipped pass near the goal line. Conner Burrows ran it over two plays later to narrow the lead to 6. On the ensuing possession the Huskies drove the length of the field to take a 19-6 lead into halftime.

Cedar came out of the long half and drove down the field, including a long completion from Tyler Covell to AJ Olszewski followed by a Covell one-yard sneak to narrow the score to 19-13. With the momentum changing, the Red Hawks held FHN to a punt on the ensuing possession but FHN held the Red Hawks to punt also. On that punt, Cedar’s gunner, Alex Hemry, hit the punt returner, as he was catching the punt, forcing a fumble that was recovered by the Red Hawks. Two plays later Shane Bratt ran 42 yards for the go ahead score, 20-19. Both defenses took over and held each other in check until late in the fourth quarter, when Jake Fisk scored on a 5-yard run, after a Henry Porter 70-yard run, to bring the final of 27-19.

Cedar heads to Comstock Park tomorrow to continue the path for a conference championship. They appreciated the large crowd last Friday. Let’s show them our support and fill the stands again!

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Varsity soccer rolls over 3 more teams

Defender Aaron Dault battles for control of the ball. Photo by B. Coutchie.

It was a busy but successful week last week for the Cedar Springs boys varsity soccer team as they claimed victory over 3 opposing teams.

Two out of the three games ended with no score from those opponents, which indicates the strong, quick efforts of the Cedar’s defensive line consisting of Ron Fisk, Aaron Dault, Lee Tompkins, and Bo Cook, along with keeper David Remirez.

The Red Hawks won 5-0 over Kenowa Hills as they played at home on 9-20-10. In the first half, Robert Klein quickly knocked in the first goal at 37:59. Klein followed up with a second goal (17:12) with an assist from A. Dault. Cedar continued to play well in the second half. At 23:42, defender Aaron Dault found the back of the net for the third goal. Jake Rickner assisted the last two goals when he landed a well-placed corner kick over to Josh Champion, who nailed it past the keeper (18:37). With only a minute ticking off (17:31), Rickner connected with Kyle Szirovecz who was positioned in front of the net and finished off the ball.

On Wednesday, September 22, the Hawks were charged up and ready to take on their neighboring rival Sparta. Both teams played aggressively, challenging each other throughout the entire game. At the final buzzer, the Red Hawks claimed a 2-1 victory. The Red Hawk fans cheered when Robert Klein blasted the ball past the Sparta keeper giving the Hawks the lead (18:23). With seconds remaining in the first half, Sparta tied up the game. Both teams battled through the second half, but with only 2:28 minutes left in the game, forward Kyle Szirovecz scored the winning goal when he received an outstanding 40-yard lofting pass up from defender Ron Fisk and poked the ball past the keeper, who had charged out of the box. It was an exciting win for the team.

On Thursday, September 23, Cedar traveled to Lakeview and finished the week with a 7-0 shutout over the Wildcats. Trevor Hill headed in the first two goals of the match up with assists from R. Austin (38:31) and R. Klein (26:25) respectively. Ryan Austin pushed one past the charging keeper with 12:37 on the clock adding another goal. Before the half, R. Klein scored when he blocked a Wildcat kick, got control of the ball, juked the ball past the keeper and pushed the ball into the net (4:00). The Red Hawks dominated the control the ball as they added three more goals in the second half. Josh Champion scored off a throw in from Zach Hawkins (29:50). Keeping the pressure on, Jake Holtrop booted in goal number six (assist R. Fisk)at 10:29. The final goal was credited to defender Ron Fisk, as he knocked the ball past the keeper (assist Jake Rickner) at 9:20.

Reflecting over the week, Coach Avink commented, “The guys are really coming together this season. I have seen great strides in how we are playing soccer and becoming a team! It’s exciting to be a part of and I look forward to what is ahead for this team.”

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Teen wins 4-cylinder class at speedway

Brandon Tramper, age 16, of Cedar Springs took the 2010 Championship in the 4-cylinder class at Winston Speedway in Rothbury, Michigan.

When Brandon was six years old, he began racing go-karts at the kart track in Ravenna. At age 14 Brandon started racing cars at Winston Speedway in the mini-stock class with a 4-cylinder Mustang. He finished that year as Rookie of the Year. In Brandon’s second year of racing, he took the 2009 Championship by only one point. Brandon has just completed his third year of racing with a 93-point lead, which earned him the 2010 Championship. He has been practicing with an 8 cylinder 600 hp modified and will be moving up to modified class next year.

Best of luck in the upcoming season Brandon!

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JV Red Hawks take FHN

The JV Players pulled out another win for Cedar Springs last Thursday against Forest Hills Northern.  Facing adversity again, they triumphed but not without hard work. The Red Hawks headed into the 2nd quarter leading 6-0 against the Huskies, but the Huskies put the pressure on the Hawks by taking the lead 14-12 at halftime..

The Hawks came back after the half with renewed energy and took control, leading at the end of the third quarter 20-14. The fourth quarter was a battle, but Cameron Cooper made a great defensive play when he intercepted a pass at the Huskies goal and gave the Hawks a better chance to maintain their lead. The JV Red Hawks held on, winning the game 26-21.

Allen Slagter (#2), Cameron Cooper (#15) and Tim Karfa (#10) ran the ball hard throughout the game to help lead the Hawks to victory, all with the help of a great offensive line. Defensively, the Hawks were able to hold the Huskies back and maintain their lead in the fourth quarter. Scoring for the JV Redhawks were Allen Slagter, taking it in three times and Dominick Chong (#80) with a great touchdown catch from quarterback Cameron Cooper  in the third quarter. Again the JV hawks showed determination by playing great offense and defense. JV Red Hawks remain undeafted, with a record of 5-0 heading into Thursday night’s faceoff with the Comstock Park Panthers at Red Hawk Stadium at 6:30 p.m.

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