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Response to Ridgeway letter

Dear Editor,

I don’t think the Ridgeways get it. It isn’t just about the money they claim the Village residents will save, but I can see why they would jump on that issue. Because it helps them the most! Look at the size of the brand new house and pool they built. It’s one of the nicest houses in the Village, but if they are suddenly shocked at how high their taxes are then that’s bad planning on their part. Why should the rest of the Village give up vital services that they depend on? Don’t be a minion of the Ridgeways and help them get lower taxes. And please don’t be selfish and vote yes just because you are against the police department, or the Village made you clean up your yard. Ask yourself if you would be gaining anything and how many things you would be losing if you voted yes. If you don’t get the small town mentality, move out of the village. You’d be getting exactly what you wanted, lower taxes and fewer services.

First, the petition itself was full of inaccurate statements (services would go to the Township; taxes would go away). Mrs. Ridgeway’s own statement that people were practically ripping the petition out of her hand is just as questionable. Going by the number of “Vote NO!” signs in the Village, I am not sure how much support she really had. Why would people go on record in the Post (December 24, 2009) saying they wished they hadn’t signed once they learned the truth?

Another idea to save money is to get rid of the DPW. By their logic, if the water system needed repairs, then they would hire someone. Why should we do away with the current DPW and hope everything runs smoothly? Who would take care of the pump system, the fire hydrants, and make sure the water tower was full during power outages so the village had water? Do you think Kent County would go door to door to let people know about a contamination in the water tower and then handing out free water?

Do you want to shovel the sidewalk in front of your house, have to plow your own street or hire someone who is going to charge more? Those who support eliminating the Village want you to. Kent County Road Commission has already said they won’t plow the side streets.

Budget cuts for the fire department, no more police department, and the loss of a rich history of the smallest and proudest towns in Kent County can’t be justified by people with selfish reasons for getting rid of the government. Why would we ruin what we already have and hope that life will be better? Once the village and the services are gone, it would be near impossible to get them back. Put aside any petty complaints you might have and think about the bigger picture. Please make sure you get out and vote NO on August 3rd!

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