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A letter to the lady that
almost hit me

Dear 40ish blonde-haired lady driving a white older model Chevy Blazer with a U of M license plate and a Red Hawk sticker on the lower left back window:
On Wednesday afternoon (June 30) at around 4:30-5:00, at the corner of Courtland Drive and 11 Mile Road, you almost hit me as you coasted through the stop sign. Do you realize you came about 2 inches from hitting me on my bike? Do you realize you ran a stop sign? Coasting through a stop sign does not constitute a stop. I know you were in a hurry, but was being in a hurry worth almost hitting me? If you had hit me, would you have kept on going to whatever it is that made you disregard the stop sign or would you have finally stopped? Today I got lucky when you missed me. Next time slow down, stop for stop signs and, most importantly, watch out for the bicycles. We legally do have the right to ride on the road.
One last thought. In Kent County, they now throw people in jail who kill others in motor vehicle accidents. I’m sure I would have lost the battle of bike against Chevy Blazer. Was your hurry worth jail time?

Phyllis Norman-McIntyre
Courtland Township

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