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Refuse defeat in the face of obstacles

(NewsUSA) – Even the luckiest person imaginable will face an obstacle sooner or later — hurdles are simply a part of life. Unfortunately, hang-ups cause many people to question, if not abandon, their goals, when a little perseverance would have resulted in success.

The late Paul J. Meyer, author of the book, “Pink Slip Proof: How to Control All Future Paychecks,” encouraged his readers to cultivate “negative capability,” or the ability to bounce back from failure, overcome obstacles and take calculated risks.

“Negative capability, the dogged determination to overcome every obstacle, to rebound after a defeat, and to take calculated risks is an absolute necessity for anyone planning on ultimate success,” wrote Meyer. “If you quit when you experience a set-back, you’ve made a pact to live in mediocrity.”

Set-backs are inevitable. In fact, if you never meet any obstacles, it’s probably a sign that you are being too conservative in your risk-taking. Facing obstacles is a prerequisite for success, so you shouldn’t be surprised when they occur. As Meyer put it, “Never waste time in worry, not a second in doubt or frustration, and don’t even stop to wonder why you are faced with obstacles.”

Instead of seeing obstacles as failures, try to see them as opportunities. For example, if you’re giving a presentation and someone raises loud objections, answer their questions in a way that supports your view. Explain yourself well enough, and the obstacle will become the tool that helps you achieve your goal.

Don’t allow the negative forces in your environment to control you or your emotions. As soon as you start seeing obstacles as creative challenges and opportunities, you’ll stop fearing them. And those who do not fear failure will find themselves unstoppable.

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass,” said Meyer.
For more insight from Paul J. Meyer, read the book “Pink Slip Proof: How to Control All Future Paychecks.”

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