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Skin care that puts safety first

(NAPSA)-Each time you eat a meal or apply something to your skin, a percentage of both the good and bad ingredients are ingested into your body, whether it’s a juicy burger, a lipstick or a night cream. That means we need to be conscious of all the preservatives found in foods and in cosmetic products. If you read the ingredient list on the back of the bottles in your bathroom cabinet, you’ll probably see preservatives such as formaldehyde and parabens, along with perfumes, all of which have been known to cause allergic reactions as well as possible health risks.

With a growing trend in safety, from the food people eat, to the water they drink and the cars they drive, more people are looking for a safer alternative to preservative-filled foods and products, prompting a shift in the way they are formulated, manufactured and packaged.

Skin care products are not an exception when it comes to making safe choices. The fast growing incidence of skin sensitivity is one factor spurring the demand for safe yet effective products that won’t cause skin irritation. Skin care products formulated without preservatives, parabens and other known irritants such as fragrance help to eliminate skin reactions.

In addition to creating more- natural products, some companies are taking it a step further and creating products that are 100% preservative free, even excluding natural preservatives such as alcohol, while remaining completely sterile from the first drop all the way to the last.

Taking technology beyond the inconvenient mono dose for sterility, the new Tolérance Extrême two-product skin care range from Eau Thermale Avène features a 100% sterile formula with minimal ingredients (only nine ingredients in the cream and six in the cleansing lotion) to ensure safety for the most sensitive of skin types and those looking for a safer alternative to moisturizing and cleansing, as fewer ingredients translates to fewer chances of irritation.

To deliver skin care in the safest possible way, they use the patented D.E.F.I. (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity) system, which locks down after each dose (like an airtight safe) so that it remains completely sterile and bacteria free-as if you were using a new product with each application. This groundbreaking technology makes today’s widely used, preservative-dependent, airless pump and screw-top jar antiquated. With the prevalent focus on safety and growing awareness of ingredients, this system could change the way cosmetics are developed in the future.

For availability and more information, visit www.aveneusa.com.

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