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Give yourself a lawn you can enjoy

(ARA) – Your lawn is your carpet in the summer; a soft surface to run, play, and relax on … so why does it have all those bald spots and thinning patches? That wouldn’t be comfortable to walk across on your living room rug, so why put up with it in your lawn?

No lawn is perfect, but every lawn can be a full, comfortable surface to hang out on. It’s a lot easier to grow luxurious grass than you may think and figuring out how doesn’t have to be confusing. The experts at Scotts offer a few tips:

The basics

If your lawn has patches and holes, seeding can easily help fill in bare spots. A generally healthy-looking lawn with just a few bald spots doesn’t have to be a challenge, spot seeding will probably work nicely for you. Even if you have tried this in the past, don’t lose hope. Just follow these quick steps and remember that the keys to success remain the same no matter what – start with quality seed, ensure that the seed makes good contact with the ground and keep it moist.

Finding the root of the problem

Why is your lawn thin? What is the source of those bare spots? It’s important to find out what’s causing bare spots so you can possibly eliminate the cause while treating the problem. A patch next to your driveway, an area under a tree, a high traffic path, or a spot often visited by the dog – all these areas can be riddled with difficult bare spots, but they don’t need to be a challenge anymore.

Solve it with seeding

Fixing a bare spot is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is to rake the ground and remove the dead grass or weeds. For best results apply seeding soil, such as Scotts Turf Builder Seeding Soil, over the area to a depth of about 1 inch. Then scatter some seed down in the area. Finally, give the grass seed a good watering and remember to keep it moist.

An even easier option is to simply apply an all-in-one seeding product like Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed.  This is the only product you’ll need, no need to even cover it or the bare spot with soil.

Keeping grass seed adequately watered has always been the challenge. How do you know how much water is too much? Or too little? EZ Seed eliminates guesswork – when you first put the seed down, water it until it turns a deep, rich brown. When the color lightens to milk chocolate, it’s time to water again.

Once you’ve established a thicker lawn, be sure to give it the nutrients it needs to thrive. Follow a feeding menu appropriate for your region’s climate. An all-over feeding with lawn nutrients, like Scotts Turf Builder, will keep grass thriving and prevent future problem spots.  Be sure to follow package directions on how to apply. Just a couple of times a season can end up saving you time and energy in the long run. In fact, compared to an unfed lawn, a well-nourished lawn develops a denser root system that requires less watering and tightly knitted grass roots to help block out weed growth, maximizing your results while minimizing your efforts.

By following this simple advice, you’ll no longer have a thinning or patchy lawn. Instead you’ll want to show off your luxurious grass carpet to all of the neighbors. So go ahead, take your shoes off and enjoy.

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