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Downy and I

Downy and I

By Eloise Covey, of the Algoma Township Historical Society

This dove takes a peak in the wren house belonging to Eloise Covey.

This dove takes a peak in the wren house belonging to Eloise Covey.

I often think of the many pleasures we enjoy every day. I had a special surprise and a time of enjoyment last fall and this winter. I lived many years in Algoma Township, but now live in an apartment in Richter Place in Rockford. Each apartment has a deck and sliders going out on it. About two years ago, I purchased a wren house and fastened it to a post on my deck. Wrens came and checked it out each spring, but never made a nest in it.

In September 2009, I was sitting in my apartment, when I heard a rat-a-tat-tat and looked out to see a Downy Woodpecker pecking at the hole in the wren house. I watched as he proceeded to make splinters fly and then try to get in, only to find his shoulders were too big. After more pecking, he was finally able to get in. Then he flew away.

In October, I saw him land on top of the house at about 5 p.m. then go inside. I watched until dark, but he didn’t come out. The next morning, at 8 a.m., I saw a tiny beak peak out then go back in, and eventually his head came out. He did this several times, then finally flew out and disappeared into the woods.

He repeated this all fall and winter. I could almost set my clock by it because he was so punctual. Other residents come to my apartment to see Downy. He doesn’t disappoint them.

This Downy woodpecker took up residence in a wren house last winter.

This Downy woodpecker took up residence in a wren house last winter.

When we had a bad snowstorm and I saw that the whole front of the bird house was covered with ice and snow, I wondered if he would be able to fly out. I watched and finally a tiny beak made a little hole, and then suddenly he came out, sending snow and ice flying.

I’m thankful for my warm, comfortable apartment, and it gave me pleasure to think that “Downy” was safe and warm also. I hoped he would stay all winter and he did.

I think this is another one of God’s wonderful blessings, and I truly thank and praise him for all he gives me to enjoy!

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