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In loving memory of our papa

Ten years now…

Don’t cry for me, this is where I want to stay.
It’s so beautiful here, you’ll soon be on your way.
I don’t have to pray to God anymore, now it’s face to face.
I love being in His presence, living in this place.

When you arrive here, you’ll understand much more.
Nothing hidden from you, peace is what’s in store.
I now travel down streets of gold, the people are friendly here,
Everyone smiles at me, and there is no trace of fear.

So as you walk down your streets of pavement, look up in the sky.
Smile at me in Heaven, and never wave goodbye.
I’m so happy with the angels, they’re so much fun to sit next to,
Someday you will see them, even though they’re there with you.

When your race is over, and you’ve breathed your final breath,
You will awaken in Heaven, no longer facing death.
You’ll see the eyes of Jesus, and all will be brand new,
You’ll know why it took so long, when you see this awesome view.

So remember not to cry for me, because I’m happy here,
There is no pain, or crying or a single drop of fear.
I know that you will miss me, but it won’t be very long,
Before your feet touch Heaven, and we sing a happy song.

God’s word, it talks of a crystal sea. You won’t believe your eyes,
When you behold it’s glory, you will not sit, but rather rise.
But what is even greater, is when you see His face,
Smiling down upon you, filled with all His grace.

Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

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