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Recharging your battery

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” Matt 18:20.

It is great to see a full congregation on Sunday morning. Even though we often say, “It is not about the numbers,” it is about the numbers, whether small or large. There is a crowd dynamic that comes into play whenever large groups of people get together. I am thinking of the “wave” at a football or baseball game. When sitting in a stadium where the “wave” is passing through, even the most free thinking individualist will raise their hands ever so slightly as the wave passes by. People will sing their hearts out in a large gathering when the music is blasting and hundreds of people are singing. Put the same person in a small room with a few people however and you will probably not hear the same kind of singing. So why does Jesus single out the small group in this verse?  I think that he knew that matters of the heart are much easier to talk about when you are in a small group of people who know and love you.

Small groups are not a modern invention of some California Mega-Church. Jesus knew the value of a small group and in fact many times was found in the company of 2-3 of his disciples’ just asking questions and sharing there concerns for each other. The church then is more than a gathering of individuals but a tapestry of small groups woven together in Jesus name.  Be a part of this fabric this week not only by attending Church, but more importantly by joining or forming a small group.

Someone asked me the other day how important it is for Christians to meet on a regular basis. I told them that it was a little like the battery in your car. If you parked your car for a year it would probably not start up when you turned the key. The reason is that a storage battery no matter how good it is slowly loses its charge over a period of time. When we are driving our car weekly or daily the battery is constantly being recharged. It is the same with our spiritual life. Where are you getting your batteries charged?

Pastor Herb VanderBilt
East Nelson United Methodist Church
9024 18 Mile Road, Cedar Springs

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